Best Of VA Missed Connections October 30 – November 5

by | Nov 5, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

It’s voting day here in the Commonwealth, and the connection with your polling place is definitely one you should not miss if you’re a registered voter. You can learn where you vote by entering your voter registration information at Virginia’s Citizen Portal, and you can figure out who’s on your ballot (so you can cram in some last-minute research before heading over there) by entering your home address at Ballotpedia.

OK, now that we’ve got the serious stuff out of the way, let’s talk about this week’s Missed Connections. There are definitely some hotties out there encouraging you to get out and vote, but we’ve also got our usual bumper crop of longing looks at the grocery store — now that’s what I call a meat market — and the Wawa (always). This week there are also some classic car fans kicking it old-school out in the country and some handsome metalheads who aren’t around quite often enough.

And hey, stick around until the end for a brief description of the events at the dry cleaner in downtown Spotsylvania. Don’t worry, it’s way less intense than that sounds.

Go vote, Virginia.

Beautiful man in rainbow car who reminded me to vote (Bon Air)

You corrected me on my polling place. You are pretty. Byeeee.

Cute man in Wegman’s this Morning (Wegman’s)

I can’t stop thinking about you and how cute you are. First ran into you in the bakery, then again in the wine section. You have the cutest smile and the perfect “dad bod”, with your incredibly cute preppy style. I am sure you were wondering why a woman in her 30s was looking your way and smiling, and possibly going out of her way to see you. I got really excited when you smiled back and asked me about a couple of bottles of wine, but I got way to nervous to take the conversation further. Now I am kicking myself for not taking that opportunity to say more, tell you I was really into you and that I have a thing for handsome middle aged men and that we should get together for drinks and get to know each other better. But I did not and now I am here posting this because it is easier to post this ad from home where you’ll likely never see it.

Mineral dollar general (Mineral)

I was buying Halloween makeup and your daughter picked some out for me l found you very attractive. I’m older so don’t know if you have any interest.. would like to hear from you

Chilly weather!!!!!!!!Let’s get together!!! (Newport News)

It’s a bit chilly out there, let’s see if we can warm each other up! Make a new connection and help each other get warm and cozy.

Anthrax Guy (Richmond)

To the cute, hunky guy who always wears Anthrax shirts: I used to see you around and at work all the time. Now that I finally have the nerve to ask you out, you haven’t been in for a while. Are you still out there??

Food lion Galaxie and a White BMW (Bowling green)

I enjoyed talking with you this afternoon about the cars. You are very attractive. Maybe we can chat sometime.

To the gorgeous waitress. I wasn’t laughing at you!! (VB Chesapeake)

You bumped your head on a light while cleaning that table. I was laughing at something else when I looked over and saw you…

Wawa gas in Ashland on Sunday 10-27 (Ashland VA)

We were gassing up Sunday midday, you had a sort of tan/beige truck. Beautiful hair, smile and profile. We smiled at each other a few times, you were joined by another woman upon departure and you gave me a nice wave as you headed out. If you see this and travel some, perhaps you’d like to meet again? Put something about me or my vehicle in the subject so I know it’s not spam. Thanks!

Elizabeth!!!!! (Chester)

Love your outfit this morning. You look hot!

Marine type guy at Wawa (Stafford)

You were the very fit guy, possible Marine, in front of me in long line inside Wawa. I’m the goodlooking dark haired guy with whom you joked how hungry you were just leaving the gym. I’m looking for a similar wingman for post-workout fun.

How have you been ? (Chesapeake)

We met a few years ago. It was an instant attraction as we both shared a love of music and nature. I was your biggest risk… your greatest mystery… and the most certain thing you had ever known…

We hung out after Big Wild and you liked PUP (Richmond)

I met you guys after Big Wild played a show at the National and we hung out. We went to a few bars and generally had a cool time. At the end of the night I gave you guys a ride back to your Airbnb and you were using my spotify and said “cool you like pup!?”

This is a weird way to get in contact..but I feel like we were all having a good time hanging out and one of us should have gotten the other’s phone number. Hopefully you see this. If you do, reply with some more details so I know you know who I am. And lets all hang out again next time you’re in town.

Germana 7-11 TEXAS PROUD

Your tall, dark hair, tattoos on both arms, you were in line right in front of me. You had on a shirt that said Texas proud!! Your driving a new all black Camry. You were easily a 10!!! We looked at each other as I was walking out to my truck. I’d love to chat…..

beautiful blonde (short pump)

You always come into the grocery store I work at late before we close. Always in black pants and usually a black shirt but last night it was white. You are absolutely gorgeous and always give me a a beautiful smile. I’ve been hoping you’re single. Tell me what store if you think it’s you I’m talking about

Whole Foods around noon yesterday – f4m (Charlottesville)

I went to Whole Foods around lunchtime yesterday and picked up a few specific things. You were in front of me in line, and as we were chatting you became amused with what most of my purchase consisted of. I thought you were cute. If this is you tell me what I was buying. If you’re on fb or qwikmeet tell me what name you go by.

Sweetest interaction at the drive-thru ..W.. (Chesapeake)

You weren’t trying to brighten anyone’s day, but you did.

Rich Ford West (Henrico)

Very tall and thin mechanic. You went through the hallway to the bathroom. You of course had a cap on and blue shirt. But you were the tallest person in the place. Email me please

Short shirt in kroger (Richmond)

You were wearing a short shirt and gym shorts. We exchanged looks a couple times. I had long hair. Really wanted to say something

Dry Cleaners-Breezewood (Spotsy)

The beautiful woman that was at the Dry Cleaners this afternoon. You were wearing grey slacks with a black blouse driving a silver/grey vehicle. You were with another lady, who stayed in the vehicle.

We made quite a-bit of eye contact, gestured to one another with smiles and glimmering eyes. I was in a black Altima.

I’m 100% certain that had we both had a few seconds, we would have had a conversation and I wouldn’t be posting this-LOL.

It’s a long shot but, this is a Missed Connection. You had something else other than dry cleaning that you put into your vehicle. I hope this is a brief description of the events and if you are the beautiful woman that may be interested in me, I hope you reply with a couple of details as I can share more details.

Lexy, we keep catch each other looking, wonder if you’re interested (Hopewell)

We keep looking at each other. Wonder if we’re looking for the same reasons. If interested give me a smile next time we look at each other.

Petite black girl, pink/orange hair Raceway Warwick (Newport News)

So you saw me checking you out, and damn, you are the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a long time! You were getting gas and wearing a skin tight black jump suit (I think that’s what you call it lol), with pink/orange hair. Would love to see more of you, you were blowing my mind! 😉 What was I driving?

First Kiss (Richmond)

You were my first man to man kiss, your name is Jason, and you are in your 50’s. I told you that you were my first and I can not locate you. Send me a message.

Krogers deli area – f4m (Richmond)

We spoke in line at the deli today around noon. You had on your work uniform. If you see this tell me where you work or if you’re on Okhookup or kik tell me what name you go by.

Looking for old friend Post Office (Midlothian)

Hi folks,

It’s been almost 20 years so this may prove difficult. I’m looking for an old friend that is or was a postal carrier for midlothian. She worked or still works, may be retired, at the postal office behind what is or used to be Ukrops grocery store in sycamore square.

Contact me if you can help. I’ll give names and description if it helps.

Walgreens on Battlefield – f4m (Chesapeake)

Hey, We just met at the Walgreens on Battlefield. You were with your son and I was alone buying a birthday card. If you see this tell me where I told you I moved here from or if you’re on quickmeet tell me what name you go by.

Jimmy Johns (13905 midlothian turnpike)

was in there today about 230 pm you wanted on me , you have brown curly hair, brown beard, thought you were cute as hell, if you see this hit me up

Mission BBQ (Chesapeake/Battlefield)

Brunette that works there, I want to say you’re the manager. Glasses, hair was up in a bun. Wearing a black jacket. Name starts with an H I believe.

Goodwill, closing time-Wednesday 10/23 (Charlottesville-29)

I seen you in the purse isle and tried to act like I didn’t see you until you had to back up to let me through. I said excuse me, and you politely smiled and moved. I managed to get behind you in line, and was checked out b4 you. As I was leaving, I motioned towards your cart and said” JACKPOT!” and got that smile again with a little small talk. If single and interested, I am too!

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