Best Of VA Missed Connections September 25 – October 1

by | Oct 1, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

The month that ends with Halloween begins today, and that’s a cause for celebration for a lot of people, which might explain why we’re suddenly getting Missed Connections from the Poe Museum and the Psychedelic Furs show. Let’s do some raven-style partying with a bumper crop of Missed Connections, shall we?

We shall, and we shall also learn that The Locker Room continues to keep its reputation as Richmond’s foremost dive bar intact, even here in the MCs. That being said, are tattooed hands really that rare anymore? Seems like even office workers have “LOVE” and “HATE” on their knuckles in Old English script these days.

This week we also learn that outdoor showers are big news in places that aren’t right by the ocean, and kilts on the dancefloor might be a sign of incipient nuttiness (pun definitely intended).

Finally, this week, the Missed Connections start off with a pretty important question, so let’s just get this out there right now: a person once responded to a Missed Connection I’d posted for them. It didn’t work out at all, but I’m married to someone cooler now, so I’ve got nothing to cry about. Point is: it’s worth a shot!

Post away, Virginia.

does anyone ever

does anyone ever reply to a missed connection

Hand tattoos at the locker room (Southside)

You were standing next to me at the bar on karaoke night. Your hands were covered in tats and you had rings on, so I couldn’t help but stare. I wanted to say “has anyone ever told you you look like Charles Manson?” but I was too nervous. I knew you noticed me staring and I didn’t think you would address it, but you did. You bought two Coors bottles and payed in cash. You had a lot of cash. Reply with what you said to me and your distinguishing style of facial hair so I know it’s you. I need to see those hands again.

Walgreens Carytown One Ring leg tattoo (carytown)

I was in walgreens on Sunday and you were in front of me in line. I love your lotr tattoo and wanted you to know that you are the sexiest girl I’ve ever laid eyes on. Your one ring can rule over me anytime 😉

Outdoor shower Oregon Hill

Anybody know the dude in Oregon Hill with the outdoor shower? Want an intro – M4M.

You distracted me in Target (Stafford)

We were in Stafford Target, I was pushing a cart but looking at you and ran the cart into a display. You looked at me and I said, “that was your fault for distracting me.” You blushed a little and laughed, and we went our separate ways, but I’m disappointed in myself for not asking for your info. If you regret not asking for mine, too, email me.

Tell me what was on the display I hit, so I know it’s you.

Hope I get a chance to be distracted by you again.

Red dress at the Poe Museum (Shockoe Bottom)

We chatted for a bit then you and your friend went for another drink. I got caught up in another conversation, but wanted to be talking to you. Let me know what you remember and let’s pick it up where we left off!

Carson-you were funny as hell tonight.

I don’t wanna say anymore for your privacy, but if you see this, hit me up. I doubt you will, but what the hell.

We met at the Psychedelic Furs (Richmond Va)

You’re the pretty blonde who kept bumping into me. I’m the guy who wishes he had slipped you his number.

Let’s meet for drinks soon…

Popeyes’s Portsmouth

You with a star on your shirt

Me navy shirt across from you


Be my superhero!!!!

lawn mower (W. Franklin area)

I saw you this morning and waved. You were extremely attractive and waved back. I wanted to ask for your number but I chickened out. I came back through the neighborhood but you were gone. If you see this, let’s get dinner 😁 Reply with the color of the truck I was driving.

Lowe’s (Mechanicsville)

The cashier in the garden department was very friendly and helpful. I would like to get to know you better. I didn’t post your name because it can be embarrassing. I’ll let you know when you contact me.

Walmart Hull Street GMC Truck (Midlothian)

Saw you sitting in your GMC truck around 3pm today. You must have been on your phone with your feet hanging out the door window. Hit me up if this is you,

Your name starts with M, mine T (West end)

I asked your name today, tho we have seen each other many times before. If you are unattached, as I am, I’d like to take you to dinner. Interested? Please reply.

Wow! Stunning Tall Redhead (Glen Allen)

You were in line behind me at Wawa tonight 9/28 around 8pm. Just as I checked out I turned to chat with you and you doubled back for a sub. I know you saw me checking you out, but I couldn’t wait for you to come out. Tell me what I was wearing or what I bought if you see this.

Kilted boy at Barcode (Nuttsville)

You need professional help

cute short dude thrift store shopping (goodwill)

I ran in to you a couple times today at various thrift stores. Love your Hari Mari’s. Tell me what you were wearing so I know it’s you.

Bonefish Grill – Red Motorcycle – Friday 9/20 (Charlottesville)

You paid for my lunch on Friday 9/20 and I didn’t get a chance to say thank you. We sat at the bar next to each other but I’m super shy. Wish I had spoken to you. Let me know if you are right or left handed and what I ordered, so i know it’s you.

Krogers deli area – f4m (Richmond)

We spoke in line at the deli today around noon. You had on your work uniform. If you see this tell me where you work or if you’re on qwikmeet tell me what name you go by.

Jen Stuart Pkwy (Glen Allen)

Saw you this morning at business on Jen Stuart Pkwy. You work there and so am a contractor. We shared eye contact and a smile. You are dark skin and dark hair and very pretty. I would love to talk with you.

Tom at Aldi with the orange shirt

You were on your way out of Aldi near Hull Street Rd and 288 and I said “hi.”

You stopped to chat with me and were so nice and we were both wearing orange shirts.

If you happen to read this msg, would love to continue our conversation.

I’ll know it’s you if you mention where you work 😉

All last week at work (Powhatan)

Me white female with glasses. You white male red hair. If you were interested tell me what vehicle you were driving or what company you work for.

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