Best Of VA Missed Connections September 4 – September 10

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It’s Missed Connections time once again, and I don’t know about all you other Scooby Doo fans out there, but I always thought Velma was much more intriguing than Daphne. I guess I’m not the only one, because we have some sexy librarian lust happening in the MC’s this week that’ll bring back fond memories of everybody’s adorable mystery-solving brainiac.

We’ve got a lot of other action for your entertainment this week, from solar farmers and tarot-reading poets to grocery-shopping yoga pants-rocking wine moms — you know you love ’em. And of course, the usual Wawa contingent is here once again… on motorbikes, this time.

So hey, have a blast splitting that cooked chicken from Wegmans on the living room rug. But y’all… chill with the hitting on married people. This ain’t Ashley Madison.

Cook it up, Virginia.

you peed in my yard (richmond, va)

you had a skateboard, and doc martens on. you’re cute. come back and pee in my toilet.

Ettrick Library (S Chesterfield)

Cute Librarian 
That works at the Ettrick Library 
you’re short with a cute smile you kind of have a Velma vibe going on 
would love to find out more about you ?
I was in there last week with my daughter 
I’m a tall white male with blond hair and blue eyes with tattoos

Brunette at Wawa Jeff Davis (Chester)

Cute brunette driving the Volkswagen, I’ve seen you pull in and out the last couple days. I was sitting in my truck and waved at you. I’d love to talk with you.

American Air flight Chicago to Richmond (RVA)

We were on the American flight tonight from Chicago to Richmond. When we landed, you had gotten some bad news that had you upset. Just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Sorry for what you are facing. You seem like such a kind and genuine person, hate to see you hurting. Wishing you peace and happiness.

Cowboy Jacks (Fredericksburg)

You rode in on an Indian, nice bike. Quiet Saturday night there. You’re younger than I. Yeah, I casted a line out but still new at this game. 

This is a long shot but I figured WTH, maybe….. enjoyed chatting. I would have enjoyed more. If you see this and want to get a drink, reply with what I was wearing.

Hope your move goes well. Btw, nice leather on your bike.

Last Thursday at Kroger East Ridge Rd (West End)

Around 6:15pm, you were ahead of me in line. You bought a cooked chicken and other items. I had a couple of bottles of wine. You joked about combining our purchases and me coming over. You mentioned how you’d explain me coming over to your husband. I thought you were very attractive and had a fun personality. I wish I had given you my number. I’m definitely up for it if you both are, or you are.

Saw him in my dream waiting to see him in Person (Lancaster)

I was sitting by the beach and he came right behind my back covering my face and while trying to unfold his face i woke up and still waiting to meet him person hit me up soon… Ready to trade pictures

Who said

I was avoiding you?
Depending who wrote this, 
I know working together would create something otherworldly. But the question you should be asking is, are you ready for that?

conejito negro (eastern sky)

It went this way – 

pentacles, six
wands, eight
swords, eight

Swords. six. 

Could it be you? The edges were dark. 
but the center
as bright as your tongue.

Do you remember saying
so long since you’d kissed?
I wanted to end it, right then. 

Right there.

More than expected. .. Or maybe reversed? I miss you, regardless.
Will you call me sometime?

Diane?? Yesterday walking from pool (Mechanicsville)

Diane/Diana, you were walking from the pool and I stopped to ask you how long they were keeping it open.

I’d love to meet for drink, talk, see where it goes. Tell me what apartments we were at.

I said to you that your beautiful. (Hull St)

Hi , I told you that you were beautiful around 7 am Saturday while you were working. I can not say much about who you are, you may be a very private person . I saw you a few times this week . I am male you female younger than me . If you see this please tell me something about us so I know it is you .

Solar farm (Petersburg)

Met on job site your from out of town living close to Wal-Mart you had a problem with a tire On the job site I helped hope you see this

Saturday Night Dancing (Charlottesville)

Had a lot of fun dancing near you Saturday night and caught your eye outside. You had a great vibe and I’d love to see you again. You were wearing a black skirt, some kind of black flats, stockings? and.. tell me more when you reply.

Black truck traffic light (Fredericksburg)

What a gorgeous woman you are I could see you clearly but couldn’t talk 
If you like to meet up respond with color and type of vehicle I was driving 
And phone number

Friend’s Labor Day Party (Short Pump)

I was at a friend’s party earlier today when I saw you. You are a bigger and beautiful woman with a nice smile. I complimented it and you said thank you. You seemed lonely but I didn’t have a chance to talk to you any more.

We share the same birthday (We spoke Monday) (Belevidere)

You came to my job site and I ID you and we share same birthday. You were a young girl and we were kicking off a good conversation but the lines were building up. You sound like a outgoing girl, i wish to speak to you more. 

I really dont work for the company but i do come into help them out sometimes. We talked about something else related to our birthday what was it? 

Girl with Golf Ball at Luke Bryan (Virginia Beach)

I was next to you for the majority of the concert and just wanted to let you know that you are beautiful. If my situation was different, I definitely would have acted upon my desires. If you want to chat, tell me what you and your friend / sister? were drinking. 

Bubeh (Richmond)

I miss you big

Gorgeous blonde at Wegman’s (Midlothian)

Kept crossing paths with you this morning at Wegmans on Midlothian. You were in yoga pants, white top and blonde hair with gorgeous smile. I let you go ahead of me after leaving the checked out and missed my chance to tell you how beautiful you are. Would love to connect.

Talked at Rio Hill Kroger Saturday (Charlottesville)

We were at the self-checkout at Kroger and we briefly talked.
You are a tall woman at my same height, which is rare.

You were totally stunning and I got super nervous and couldn’t stop you to get your number.
I’d love the chance to meet you again.

This is a long-shot but please email and recall what we talked about so I know that it’s you.

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