Best of VA Missed Connections January 27 – February 2

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Welcome to another week of Missed Connections, where we’re all weird and everyone’s just doing their best. Not only do we have a pandemic going on, everyone’s going broke, it’s too goddamn cold, and now we’ve got snow and ice? I thought things were going to get better in 2021. Guess now we’ve just gotta wait for 2022 to roll around…

In the meantime, we can entertain ourselves with the cherry-picked gems from amidst an ever-increasing tide of spam and misplaced casual encounters posts that threaten to overrun Craigslist once and for all. It hasn’t happened yet, though, and you can see that this week in the words of dudes who just want to bro down like the guys on Scrubs did, people making connections with their cashiers at Trader Joe’s, and supposedly good-hearted types who just want to return multiple hundreds of dollars to that delivery driver who dropped it.

There’s a story in all of these Missed Connections, and sometimes we’re not getting all of it. But posts about flirtations at hardware stores and checking out Spanish-speaking hotties at the Walmart customer service desk provide tantalizing hints that set the mind alight. And isn’t that why we all keep coming back to this site?

Get your pink zebra print on, Virginia.

A momentary glance

I saw you…
You are that woman…
Our eyes met for only a moment…
But through your gaze, I saw a yearning…
I am here…
Reach for me…

Remember Scrubs (the sitcom)? (The West End)

I want a relationship like JD and Turk from “Scrubs”. They were the best; true bro friendship. That’s what some of us guys crave. Anyone else feel this way? If so, let’s talk about it. I am looking for someone close by near the West End ideally.

Pink zebra (Newport news)

Hey what’s up I saw you the other day lookin fine as usual. What’s up how’s life been? What do you think about all this covid mess?

Met at the VW place on Williamson (Cave Spring)

We’ve connected a couple times at the VW place, and you seem to have enjoyed our conversations, so to speak. If you’re interested in chatting more, connecting somewhere else, drop a line. Open to lots of additional topics.

Northern tool

Thank you for help finding bits this morning. I still have a smile.

Food delivery girl you dropped 300 bucks (Newport News)

You pulled up next to me in your Jeep and asked for directions. I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw your pretty face, the white low top you ware took my attention immediately to your sexy body. I tried to give you back the 300 bucks you dropped but you pulled away too fast.

Searching for N.S. (Richmond)

You had my attention last night.
You had it weeks ago. Keep talking.

Perdón por no saludarme. (Leesburg (Compass Creek Parkway))

compass creek parkway
Perdón por no saludarme.
Lo siento. No hablo español muy bien.
Estuvimos en Compass Creek (Leesburg) Walmart el sábado 30 de enero, alrededor del mediodía. Estabas parado cerca del área de servicio al cliente, el área de pago, hablando con tu amigo.
Entré, vestido todo de negro.
No podía dejar de mirarte y tú no podías dejar de mirarme.
No te hablé.
Lo siento.
Espero que leas esto y espero verte de nuevo.
Nunca te olvidaré ni a ti ni a tus hermosos ojos. SIEMPRE.

[English translation provided by Google Translate]

Sorry for not saying hello. (Leesburg (Compass Creek Parkway))

compass creek parkway
Sorry for not saying hello.
I’m sorry. I do not speak Spanish very well.
We were at Compass Creek (Leesburg) Walmart on Saturday, January 30, around noon. You were standing near the customer service area, the payment area, talking to your friend.
I walked in, dressed all in black.
I couldn’t stop looking at you and you couldn’t stop looking at me.
I didn’t speak to you.
I’m sorry.
Hope you read this and hope to see you again.
I will never forget you or your beautiful eyes. ALWAYS.

It doesn’t matter I still do

Even though I stopped calling you, I still think about you. I am still in love with you Kelli. It doesn’t matter if I stop calling you, I still keep thinking about you. I know I shouldn’t. It’s doesn’t matter, I still do! I still love you Kelli! You know who I am. Hope to you see this!

Trader Joe’s Connection (U Street)

You: Trader Joe’s employee, shaved head, ginger beard peaking beneath mask
Me: Harried grad student, jean jacket, braid, probably shadowed eyes from too little sleep

You rang me up while discussing the politics of preppers, DC residents’ inability to handle cold temperatures or snow. Would like to learn what brought you from the mid-West to DC, among other things.

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

Former GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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