Best of VA Missed Connections February 19 – February 25

by | Feb 25, 2020 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

In the depths of winter, it seems the Missed Connections are getting truly bizarre, and none of it is more bizarre than the person who wants to switch bodies with someone in a nursing home. That’s a pretty strange obsession there, friend, but hey… keep ’em coming. This is why we head back to Craigslist every single week.

This week also brings us tales of potential romances sparked by in-car singalongs, mountain bikers peeing in front of each other, and multiple examples of people falling for their nurses — which, let me tell you, is a tale as old as time. Falling for a homeless person seeking assistance by the side of the road is a bit more unusual, but certainly shows an open mind, so that’s always nice to encounter.

Finally, I’m glad to see that some of you out here care deeply about cheese, a truly important foodstuff that doesn’t get enough attention. On the other hand, at least in the world of the MCs, it often seems like too much attention gets paid to people’s feet. Do your thing, y’all, but I admit I do not get it.

Step on it, Virginia.

To the blond singing in her car (Parham road)

I caught you singing in the car. You are beautiful but you looked a little embarrassed. We waved at each other and made eye contact a couple more times. Unfortunately we didn’t get to stop again long enough for me to ask your number. If you see this and you’re intrested in talking Contact me and tell me what color your car was, And what color my car was and what stoplight you turned at. Hope to hear from you,

I Wish I Could Switch Bodies With A Nursing Home Patient (Roanoke,VA)

I wish it was really possible to switch bodies with an elderly nursing home patient. It would be amazing so that they could experience being young again and I would get to see how it feels to live in a Roanoke or Salem, Virginia nursing home until we swapped our bodies back to normal. Also switching bodies with a Roanoke, VA area African American woman of any age would truly be incredible and amazing.

Girl in the baseball cap

I don’t expect you to see this, or what would even come of this if you did. But I always look forward to seeing you.

Your smile and eyes feel like the sun.

Victoria’s Secret this past saturday

You were the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Period. End of story.

I couldnt keep my eyes off of you, and it seemed as though you may have been interested as well. We both were there with someone else. But next time why dont we go together? I would love to meet you and absolutely spoil you rotten 🙂

If you think it may be you that I am writing about, describe who we were each with, or what I was wearing. I am not interested in replies from anyone but the absolute goddess I saw on saturday, so fakers or replies that dont have the correct description in the very first response get no reply from me so dont waste your time. I hope you are out there angel, because I cant wait to meet you.

Missing my sock girl (Chesterfield)

We had some really fun times ! Where did you go ? I need those cute toes !

Flakey girls (Richmond)

Hey guys. Does this happen to you? A woman answers an ad then never responds again. Sometime they go on and on with multiple emails then the next day silence. Any ideas? Is it just me? I would like to hear your thoughts. 

Secret Society Shared Stares (Richmond (Downtown))

You just left. You were wearing a cute gray dress, with gray tights. It is/was a gray day.

I was at the bar, and you were with a few work colleagues. We exchanged eyes and smiles more times than I took a bite of food.

You left and our eyes found each other on the way out the door, and there may have been a smile on your end or you were working something out of your teeth. I couldn’t discern. Perhaps you can let me know which it was.


I smell some cat fishing going on up in here! 😂

All red clothes with a big A on your vehicle (Colonial Heights Wawas)

I’ve never made one of these before but wow are you attractive. I almost broke my neck when I saw your bright red uniform out of the corner of my eye…

i seen you at the 7-11 on main street (Newport News)

you were a construction worker and you were light skin kinda heavy but not fat, i would love to see you in your socks and underwear and then naked. if you see this send me a message. and if any other guys like this send me a message also 

Larus Park (Chesterfield)

Saw you yesterday in Larus Park. You had a mountain bike and spandex. We talked before and you stopped to chat and when we said bye, you walked your bike about 20 ft. and took a piss. Couldn’t tell if you were advertising or not, but I still caught a glimpse of that monster. Will be taking a walk there at noon today.. 

Nurse at CHKD Health Center (Northern Suffolk)

This is probably definitely a long shot but I’ll try it out anyways. I came into the office yesterday to bring my son in for an appointment. You were the nurse who called us back and got my sons vitals and such. Your attitude was so positive and you had a very bubbly personality. I couldn’t believe how amazing you were with my son. The level of comfort you made us both feel was out of this world. Being a single father, it’s very rare to come across a woman like you. You and I discussed your childhood doctor, also discussed a myriad of other things. Not sure that you’ll see this but fingers crossed. I would love to further get to know you outside of your job. 

Tall nurse in Williamsburg retiree community (downtown Williamsburg)

I stopped in briefly to your work today to help a patient. You were tall and curvy and tattoos. I am tall, big and strong. We both kinda avoided looking at each other while your collegue helped me. If you see this, tell me what color my hair is or what company I work for. Maybe something good can happen since we both have needed but sad jobs. And we are both single 

Woman with help sign in carytown (Richmond va)

We talked this morning, i was going to help you once i went on break but you were gone. You said you needed food. We chatted a little bit. You were wearing a white jacket with glasses on. White nikes, i asked you what your sign said. I asked if you were homeless also. Reach out and i can help

walking on cary (Richmond)

you and your friend were walking on Cary st and looked into my car and saw me, you looked interested.

Kroger Carytown (Richmond)

You were in the pharmacy about 7 pm. Grey curly hair and a great smile. Hit me up if you remember the eye contact.

Were you at Target Short Pump around lunch today with son? (Short Pump)

I know this is a super long shot but I’m looking for a guy who was at Target in Short Pump today around noon (lunch) with a toddler son? Tall. Good looking. Mid thirties. I’m assuming. Toddler was in the cart telling you that you didn’t have all the books and that he needed all the books 🙂 I wish I would’ve said something to you. I know that you saw me too.

Missing the man that said I had cute feet (Newport news)

Hey babe, I hope it’s you please shoot me an email so we can actually talk 😉🦶🏼🧦

Trader Joe’s (Viginia Beach)

We spoke in the cheese section about the cheese you discontinued. We were in line together and I mentioned the Trader Joe’s slaw I miss. I hope you felt the same connection. What was the name of the cheese and slaw? If you have okhookup me what name you go by.

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