Best Of VA Missed Connections July 1 – July 7

by | Jul 7, 2020 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

It’s time for another edition of Missed Connections, where we’re always glad to see some Craigslist poets in action. Dropping those low-key self-pitying rhymes as they always do so well. I know I complained last week about how few good posts there were anymore, but these wordsmiths are restoring my faith this week.

And that’s not all — this week also brings us an interesting development in terms of espionage. It seems that in the midst of all the “need a plumber to unclog my pipes hurr hurr” posts, secret agents are sending each other uncrypted messages right there in the open. Gotta love it, and we also gotta love all the beachside ads this time around. The pandemic’s still here, but the weather’s great, so hitting the shore is just about the best idea going.

Just make sure you throw down your towel a safe distance from all those random strangers — nobody wants to catch the rona, am I right?

Get some sun, Virginia.

You are a school teacher? (Stafford)

You are a school teacher but Thanks to covid you are bored with nothing to do, hows about you come over and put me in time out for being a bad boy?

I Thought I Saw You? (Anywhere)

There was a Day, I thought I saw you…
I saw your eyes and knew them to be true.
I’ve seen so much darkness in this world, but I can see other things too.
You don’t know me, nor I you. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make alliance.
If you’re out there, if you’re listening.
Of course, I’m just a man.

Adrian (Roanoke, Va)

If you are reading this, you should know your position has been compromised. The vast hordes of beautiful women have discovered your location and are actively pursuing. Take precautions in how you proceed.

Hey Julia! Let’s hang out at the river (Huguenot flatwater)

I was an idiot, and totally should have given you my number. Here’s hoping that I might see you again some day! Let’s meet up and go tubing on the river together!

<3 Max 

the ghost of you… (Fredericksburg)

Why does your ghost still linger? It has been years and from time to time, I still think about you. Were we actually in love? I know I was. I’ll never forget you… I try to reason with my mind and know it’s for the best that we’ll never see each other again.

I doubt you’ll see this post… I’m just venting. If you happen to see this, I hope all is well.

four twenty friendly freak? (fan)

Four twenty friendly fellow here looking for a freak to have some fun with under the full moon.

If that’s you, drop me a message and let’s get together!

Looking (Roanoke)


Columbia swimmer

We happened to be swimming at the same time again. I’m entirely too infatuated with how attractive and gorgeous you are. Seeing you has made my entire week.

USPS this morning (Williamsburg)

I was standing at the small counter when you walked into USPS this morning around 10:30/11. You had your dark hair up and had on workout clothes. Your bright running shoes are what first caught my attention… and then everything else.

I wanted to strike up a conversation but unfortunately I was tied up.

Respond to this if you are interested!

I miss (Stafford)

Running into my ex made me realize how much I miss being held. Someone who didn’t let a day go by without some form of communication. A pair of warm, strong arms and a chest to snuggle on a few times a week. I guess that’s the difference between a boyfriend and a FWB. Availability. Maybe I made a mistake in letting him go.

I’m independent but I’m also human.

CVS in black sun dress and driving a white car (Newport news)

We locked eyes, has you were leaving. Wow you are gorgeous. I wanted to say something but didn’t want to offend you. Let’s go out sometime.

this is a real posting. “”You owe me big””

I returned to you something you forgot on the top of your car! Today Thur. July 2, about 5:25 pm on Preston Ave.

I did not think fast enough, I should have asked for your number ,or gave you mine. ” maybe you can take me out for coffee”‘!!!

Please reply and tell me what I have returned to you and what I said and what you said, and what car make I drive? You drive a white Toyota Sable, con,,,,,.

Darden park

Girl sitting on blanket. We eyed each other. I should have stopped. Let me know if you see this. Tell me what I was driving or send you pic so I know it’s you.

You had a lonely day off. (Chester)

You were sipping beer and hitting cigarettes like a joint all day. You were looking into the breeze like you were waiting for someone to appear or something to happen. I observe the depression, because I have been there before too. I wonder what you think about for those brief moments you put the phone down and let the world see your delightful face. Hope tomorrow is more enjoyable for you.

You: black on white leopard print top with an onyx necklace.
Me: blue and purple tye dye.

Missed the man

Took a test today and last bit of weed I smoked was tainted with other shit and just hoping to find a new connection with regular normal weed, high quality strain with a name is always the best. As long as it’s just not shit ya know?

Can anyone help?

You forgot your room key (Richmond)

I just got to the hotel and was walking in behind you. You had locked your key in your room . If you see this and want something to do, I’m in 309. I’ll be in the shower.

tahoe ltz looked at me (lynnhaven)

bbt line. silver earrings. I’ll be your reason, thanks for the eye-contact

It shows (Chesapeake)

Thanks for giving me closure with your silence. It couldn’t be more obvious , but I appreciate it. You don’t have to worry about me ever bothering you again . Embarrassed is an understatement . But kudos to you , I wish you well.

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