Best Of VA Missed Connections July 22 – July 28

by | Jul 28, 2020 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

It’s been so hot outside for so long, it seems like it’s even heating up the Missed Connections. This week, we’ve got cooks looking for some mutual breakfast action, downstairs neighbors with wicked girl-crushes, and partners begging for commitment — and that’s just the first three posts!

From there, things can only get better, regardless of whether you’re a brewery patio hangout type or someone who loves to hit the bike trails. As long as you’re keeping it properly socially distanced, you’re all good — especially where the anonymous throngs of Missed Connections cupids are concerned.

One quick warning to all who seek to write a Missed Connection of their own, though: while a bit of incoherence is charming and certainly reflects your passion, getting too garbled runs a big risk of no one knowing quite what it is you’re talking about.

This one goes deep. Dive in, Virginia.

Scramble my eggs? (Goochland)

Scramble my eggs? I’ll crisp your bacon. Interested reply.

You live on the 3rd floor.

You’re a super cute redhead who lives on the 3rd floor of my apartment complex… you are suuuper adorable and I can’t stop thinking about you. I don’t even know if you’re into women, but I hope you see this…

Why reach out to go silent? (Chesterfield)

I wish you would let me love you already and be partners in this crazy thing called life.

Beautiful Woman at Ardent (Richmond)

Saw you at Ardent today and thought we made eye contact. You were sitting alone and I was with a friend. Didn’t know if you were waiting for someone who didn’t show, or were just enjoying the warm weather and a beer. If I’m right, let me know what color shirt I was wearing and what you were drinking. Would enjoy buying you another.

Can’t (Uva)

Can’t stop thinking about you and i wonder if you do the you

Re: Can’t

You already know I do. I will always love you.

Cute girl on the bike trail (Richmond)

Your so cute!!!

Diversity means learning and understanding (Charlottesville)

Caucasian male for African American females to explore new places. Being outdoors is a good way to relieve stress. Talking to and learning from others is how we grow.

Montpelier center bingo (Montpelier)

Me and my crew was siting at a table with our backs to the bingo announcer just as I started thinking we was in bad seating I look up sat across from me was the most beautiful lady she made the whole world feel drop dead gorgeous.

Miss you momma

Wegmans, short pump

To the tall dark Godiva chocolate guy who smiled at me when I walked by. If I didn’t look like a bum in old work jeans and boots, I may have had the nerve to speak.

William (Wegmans)

Brother William I thought I saw you at Wegmans you wite with black hair and wore a girl beside you in jeans. I miss you alot. When will we reunite were has the air taken us we should never have taken this much time apart from one another I love you ok and then some. Talk to you later Willis

Hot guy on his Harley (Richmond)

Looking for the hot guy in his 20s on a blk Harley earlier this week. Maybe we can get together and have some fun!

Send a pic if its you!

My forbidden love (Short Pump)

Seems I can’t even post here anymore. Do you still check these? I know that your husband is still is likely treating you like crap. Please text me if you see this.

Chicks (VB)

You were my waitress tonight, you were a bit flustered towards the end of our dinner. We made eye contact a few times while my table was there.

I loved the cheery atmosphere about you, as well as the cheery stride you had.

I left a doodle next to the tip. HMU sometime, I need more people like you in my life haha

Beautiful lady walking dog (Bellwood)

You were walking your blk dog. Wed morning , July 22 around 6:30, in the neighborhood close to the Bellwood elementary school. We exchanged a friendly wave and smile as I passed you. I want to stop and ask your name. If you see this tell me what kind vehicle I was driving

Best Friend (Richmond)

Hi my name is Sylvia, 30 yr old mother who is looking for a best friend. I’m getting into anime and art. I love to make fun of bad movies, hear fun, draw and try new things. I’m looking to hopefully gain new friends and even a best friend. Hit me up if you want the same thing.

July 12th (Chesapeake)

You were working behind the counter yesterday evening (July 12) at Mission BBQ on Battlefield Rd. Tall, black gentleman, it looked like you had some tattoos and you were wearing a camp hat. Very attractive. I came in and had a blue sweatshirt on and a pink polka dot mask. I’m pretty sure we caught eyes as I was going to fix my drink. Anyway if you see this, you should reach out!

Lady at the dermatology center (Stafford)

I am sure this will probably be a shot in the dark. We were at the dermatology center in Stafford on July 22nd around 11:00. I gave a lady change for a $20. I loved the way you walked and carried yourself. I am curious about the person behind the mask. I hope you see this and respond. 

Expired Milk (Rva)

I’ve got this milk that expired on June 21st. I’m not going to drink it so I was wondering if anyone else wants it. It’s free.

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