Best Of VA Missed Connections June 17 – June 23

by | Jun 23, 2020 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

Whether it’s advisable or not (spoiler alert: it’s not), Virginia is largely back open for business, and the Missed Connections this week reflect that, first and foremost with a plea from a returning Uber driver for their customers to hit on them. OK, maybe that’s not what it SAYS, but I know how to read between the lines.

In other news, a local Target shopper hits on a rising issue with the Missed Connections (namely, the fact that these days it’s mostly a reincarnated version of what was, before SESTA/FOSTA ruined everything, Craigslist’s mostly-atrocious Casual Encounters section), before hitting on a motorcycle enthusiast ahead of them in line. Thankfully at least a few people remember what MC is for, which is why we do get a few entertaining anecdotes about climbing walls in Manchester and buying bullets in Hanover County amid all the references to “cleaning out clogged pipes.” Ugh.

Honestly, even those people aren’t having any fun, if some of the bitter messages we see are any indication. Remember, Craigslist tarts — catfish isn’t just found in rivers anymore.

Keep it together, Virginia.

To your uber drivers (Va)

To your uber drivers (Va)
If you get a ride from your local uber drivers
Whether your male or female
And your attracted to your driver
Just tell them
They might feel the same way
And if your too shy
At least let them know on here and what you would like to do

Lake Prince paddle boards (Suffolk)

You and your friend paddle up on us by your grandparents dock. We got a few words in before it started raining, and we y’all had to scramble. I am going to fish that lake every weekend the rest of the summer. But I figured that might be a slim chance you stumble onto this, and if so what college team hat did I have on? So I know it’s you

Willow Lawn Target May 28 (Willow Lawn)

Does anyone use these for actual missed connections anymore? This is a total long shot and pretty random, but if by any chance this rings a bell for anyone, let me know!

You were a tall, stocky black man with longish hair who was wearing a black face mask. You had a conversation with another guy about motorcycles for a while near the make up section and then talked to a woman in the checkout line who you seemed to know and who was wearing a dress and had tattoos. I heard you mention that you worked at VCU. I think you may have said you lived in Church Hill. I am tall with tattoos and had my kiddo with me. I thought you were attractive and wished I had said hello.

cute guy and dog named Gillie (Manchester Rock Wall)

Not sure why I’m doing this, but saw you at the Manchester wall yesterday. You and your dog are super cute.

I’d love to buy you a cup of coffee.

Red/Pink hair buying air fresheners……. (short pump wal mart)

WOW……..Thanks for the show Friday in the air freshener aisle………..Love the look of hair and black and white waist wrap around. Do you do encores?????

Byrd park stud

Sorry to be creeping so hard. Just can’t get you off my mind and want to take care of that body.

You down or should I forget it?

Greentop — Guy from Northern Neck (Richmond)

probably a snowballs chance in h** you will see this but we talked for a while today in Greentop about ammo and other stuff. Wish we had traded phone numbers and met for some range practice and whatever. I looked for you but didnt see you in the store. Hit me back with our conversation if you see this posting.

Girl in blue honda at walmart nn (Newport news)

You were driving a blue honda with 90 day tags. I was waiting to cross the lane to get to my jeep. You were absolutely beautiful. You smiled at me and motioned that you liked my goatee. I smiled and waved(behind my mask).

Thank you for making my day! I’d love to pay you a compliment as well, email me back!

Infusion nurse

I can’t stop thinking about how beautiful your smile and eyes are. I wish I had a chance to say it in person.

Green Shirt and Black Car (Virginia Beach)

To the man with tattoos I saw this morning at WAWA. You are so HOTTTT! You were in front of me in line and I could smell your cologne. You drove me crazy! I wish I would have said something to you as you we’re getting into your car.

Guy in Silverado (fredericksburg)

you had a trijicon sticker on back of your Silverado truck; you were playing on your phone while at light…had don’t tread on me license plate. I believe we used to know each other, isn’t the first time I’ve seen you on the road.

so many fakes (chesterfield)

Why bother emailing and sending pictures if you’re not going to follow through with meeting. I understand sometimes things come up but instead of letting someone get their hopes up let them know you cant meet. That being said I’m still looking for some fun if you can host get back to me. Once you email me then I will give you my number for easier communication.

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