Best Of VA Missed Connections March 11 – March 17

by | Mar 17, 2020 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

It’s an interesting week in the world of Missed Connections, because right now, all any of us can think about is how much we want to miss a connection with COVID-19. That’s a thought some Missed Connections posters had this week, but as others prove, we can’t all sit alone in our houses forever without longing for companionship. And that’s an understandable feeling, but if you’re gonna be quarantined with someone, you better be sure you won’t be sick of them in a week.

Did you remember it’s St. Patrick’s Day today? We almost forgot. But who can blame us? Without thousands of idiots running the streets in kelly green facepaint, it’s really just not the same. Though maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all.

People are still checking each other out, though, rest assured. In that convenience store line while stocking up on supplies. In Walmart, waiting in an endless checkout line to buy multiple 12 packs. Across gas pumps at a proper social distance of at least six feet. At bars after massively busy shifts… by the way, why are all of you still going out to bars?

Essential personnel only, Virginia.

Lets just stay in

As much as we all would love to find the sexual partner of our dreams….

We are in the middle of a health crisis and pandemic and all of you nasty horny gross men can think of is getting it in?
Netflix and chill is going to be quarantine and chill.
Half of you posting have STDs up here anyway.

Is your Mattress Certified? (Roanoke)

Are you a woman between the ages of 40-70? Have you had your mattress tested and inspected recently? If not, a local Roanoke Mattress Inspector will work with you to make sure it’s properly certified for many of your favorite activities FREE OF CHARGE!

With your assistance, we’ll go though many of the basics maneuvers and assure that your mattress is ready for use for years to come. And we won’t stop until we’re both totally satisfied with the results.

BUT WAIT!!! If you’re one of the first 100 women to answer this ad, you may be entitled to free follow up inspections as often as needed! Just mention code 6969 when ordering! But order quickly as supplies are limited!

Patterson Market (Richmond)

You have great curly hair. We were both out supporting local businesses during the end times and we smiled at each other.

Quarantine buddy! F4m

College kid stranded in rva bored. I’m 19 f and in shape. Please be under 50 hwp and have good hygiene. Not trying to be chillin with a stinky dude. 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Blaine A. Fields (Glen Allen, VA)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to the one and only…Blaine Fields…wherever you may be!

Stay safe because the corona-virus is a global pandemic now!


Caught me looking at Walmart (Virginia beach)

You asked if I I was looking at your ass.I was!!

Fuck off (Fredericksburg)

Was the last thing you said to me a week ago.

Need Answers

Why don’t guys want relationships anymore. I’m not a hot chick by no means. But I’m a ride or die one. I’ll be faithful honest and there for you 100%. Why are these not qualities a man wants anymore. Just because a girl is beautiful on the outside doesn’t mean she is on the inside.

Advice? (Richmond)

There is a guy I work with that I’m interested and I think he is too. But honestly I think everyone is scared since the “me too movement”! We are both in management but dont work in the same department, so no conflict there.

Just curious if anyone has any subtle ideas to see if he is interested without jeopardizing my job 😉

I am a woman in case that matters with the advice lol 

Waxing my guy friend (Westend)

I waxed you at your place 

Bought you a beer

Male here. You’re a beautiful female bartender, and I bought you a beer as you ended your shift. I had to go for something…. tell me what it was for. Would love to have that beer with you next time, and then some. 😉

Girl blowing bubbles on Mercury Boulevard (Norfolk)

You were riding in your friends white SUV stopped at the light just before 64. You were blowing bubbles out the window. I was in the black Jetta laughing with you as you did (I watched one float all the way back to the Semi and pop on its windshield) We waved goodbye as you went East and I West. I’d like to meet you and your bubbly personality again.

Walmart Chesapeake Sq. Walking boot! (Chesapeake)

I was working filling the beer display, you and me looked eyes over top of the display, I could tell you likes what you saw. You came.back with two 12 packs of Corona and we locked eyes again. I wanted to give you my number, but I wasn’t sure if the girl in the walking boat was a friend or a lover. But I figured if it is meant to be I had to try something, so here we go! 

Gas station (Keysville)

Saturday evening after 6 I was sitting in my car at the pumps and you pulled up (in a light green car) with an older lady I’m guessing your mom. As soon as you opened the door to get out our eyes locked and we both just started smiling at each other. I couldn’t stop looking at you. You’re handsome!

Well I’m kicking myself in the ass now for not speaking to you.

To weed out spam put what type of vehicle I was driving in the subject line.

Looking for a special chick (Roanoke)


I am looking for a woman that not only has an interest in the esoteric but one who has had experiences from meditation such as clairvoyance and or clairaudience and is comfortable and knowledgeable in her path, whether it is esoteric astrology,shamanism,the ancient Egyptian religion or otherwise for friendship.If this does not apply to you but you know someone it does apply to which is rare,please show them this post TY.

Thank You Brian 

Krogers on Woodbrook, Thursday around 3:00 (charlottesville)

This is a long shot, but I’ll give it a try. Thursday afternoon, and the place was packed. You were wearing a black dress with a sheer wrap over it, stunningly attractive. We commented about how the corona virus was causing people to hoard products, and how Albemarle schools were going to be closed on Monday. We both used the self checkout line, and continued to chat. We swapped names, but as I left I kicked myself for not having asked for more information, and whether you’d have time for a coffee, a drink or a lunch one day. If you see this, and if you do have the time and desire, please be in touch. I enjoyed our few minutes together, and would like to spend more.

Cabin fever fun (Cave spring)

White male here with cabin fever it seems. Just seeing if anyone out there is missing some discreet adult fun while everything around seems to be shutting down

Dreads at target (Shortpump)

I have dreads and so do you. You were walking in target as I was walking out. You are gorgeous and your dreads look great. I came back in the store after I drop my bags in the car but I couldn’t find you. I would love to talk to you. If you see this and your intrested send me a picture so that I know that it’s you And if you can, tell me what I was wearing

Costco run – west broad (Richmond)

We exchanged glances today.. it was a busy day at Costco. both of us had glasses on. Tell me what you were wearing and the color of your top and your gorgeous highlighted hair style…so i know its you. I was wearing the same color mens quarter neck as ur top color.
you glanced at me a couple of times while I was deciding which wine to buy..wish i walked to you and said hello..
Hopefully we will meet again. Loved your style, especially those glass frames.

If the universe wants us to meet, we will bump into each other gain.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (kik me… mariabowa)

I survived because inside me burned brighter than the fire around me. Im a very stong believer that whoever is meant to be in your life will always gravitate towards you, regardless how far they wander. Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see. And I know you can perfectly see, so let’s talk. kik me… mariabowa 

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