Best Of VA Missed Connections March 18 – March 25

by | Mar 24, 2020 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

It’s surprising to see just how strongly the Missed Connections roll on regardless of the fact that we’re all quarantined in our homes. Personally, I’ve only been around other people once in the past week — I was at the grocery store, frantically trying to grab some toilet paper. How is it still out of stock everywhere? Do some of you have entire spare rooms filled to the ceiling with toilet paper? Were you hoping to buy enough to last the rest of your life?

Anyway, there are apparently still other ways to interact with people besides fighting with them over the last pack of crappy generic TP, and the people in Missed Connections are finding them this week. From checkout lines to hospital waiting rooms to broken down on the side of the road, people in the most desperate of circumstances are still checking each other out. And of course, people spending way more time alone than they’re used to are delving into the back of their minds to obsess over unrequited crushes of the past. Don’t do that, y’all — social distancing is difficult enough without emotionally torturing yourself.

On a lighter note, there’s at least one guy out there who sees a glory hole as a proper way to get around the quarantine guidelines we’re all under. Message to that dude: this is a bad idea. You can’t socially distance with a stranger’s junk in your mouth. But no one ever said you couldn’t make plans…

Save it for later, Virginia.

I wish… (Richmond)

We could have been quarantined together. Maybe the next pandemic.

Quarantined Artist

Bored?, going stir crazy, always wanted to try it, then Let me draw you like one of my French girls….


I want you too. I asked for signs. And now no reason to ignore them anymore.
This couldn’t be a weirder time.
But when this thing is over. We’ll go from there.
See you around…


You were in my dreams last night. It’s been five years, so I’ve no clue why. Maybe because your birthday is mere weeks away. Maybe this IS the apocalypse. If not, have a Happy Birthday, Doc.


Looking for Her (Roanoke)

Looking to make a connection now so that we can have fun after all the madness is over. Are you stuck at home looking forward to things getting back to normal? I would love to form a relationship with a likeminded woman, build the tension, share fantasies and then see where it goes. Discretion is very important. I am in my mid thirties, 6 foot and in good shape. Age is not important to me, confidence is!


W/F who spoke of consumer spending & I was talking about the lack of deer park water

Dunkin donuts beautiful blond in suv (Rt 3)

Saw you this morning and have seen you in the past on Saturday’s. Would love the chance to get to know you. I see you’re in a new SUV, let me know the color so I know it’s really you. Hope this finds you in this terrible time we are in. Would love to occupy both our times with some interesting chat. Thanks

Mature tall guy at Chippenham hospital waiting room Friday night. (Richmond)

Hey young wm here I was waiting in the waiting room and saw you wearing some shorts and a tea shirt. You were on the right of me sitting maybe 4 chairs down. I wanted to try and speak to you but I don’t know if you’d be interested. If you are and you noticed me in my red hat let me know.

Missing a hole in the wall (Ashland)

Havnt expiersnced it yet but maybe we could get a few people involved and one g hole setup and end up all having a good time plan across the days or tomorrow some that can host am 20 m

Pen Pal Needed!!!!!

Male inmate at Central Virginia Regional Jail (CVRJ) needs female pen pal, all responses welcome!!!
Please write to
D. Anderson
inmate # 040305

Foot friends

Guy,slim, 27, looking for other guys that like feet for hanging out. Let me know!

Girl at the canal walk

Looking for the girl at the canal walk yesterday afternoon in richmond. I am a Male. I helped you find your keys. Was willing to be the best sugar daddy you could ask for but didn’t get to ask your number.

Coast guard shirt brunette (Mech)

Grey coast guard shirt. Boobs unbelievably big. Just wild big. I’d love to see them

Netflix and chill partner (Chesapeake)

Looking for a female partner to hang out with me today. I’m a short, chubby, middle aged white guy. Come over, relax, watch some tv and see how it goes.

No judgement zone here. 

Red Tow truck driver (Southside)

Wow when did all these tow truck drivers get so hot. You were driving a big red tow truck that you owned. Sure would love to see you again. All you have to do is tell me what the name starts with on the truck and you definitely can get it again. 

Car broke down and your last name starts with G (Near the Dairy Queen)

You had car trouble and I stopped to help. I think you mr last name starts with a G, if I heard you correctly. Anyway, hit me up if you see this. I know it’s a long shot. This was Saturday in the afternoon around 2 or so.

Glad you liked the cookies (Richmond va)

M., I’m sorry if i came off as rude. I was a little distracted. I’m glad you liked the cookies. I just realized you were getting off work. Maybe next time you can come over and watch a movie.

Watching ducks

Bearded guy in light blue grand marquis, made eye contact a few times while I was walking by with my dog and you were sitting in your car looking towards the fountain. You looked comfortable and I wouldn’t have minded getti comfy with you. By the off chance you see this, tell me something about me and maybe we can connect

You got tires today… (Dinwiddie)

You probably wont see this, but, if you do… let me know it’s you! I was the one with the “good taste in music”… what was the band?? Just tryin to say hi… 

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