Best Of VA Missed Connections November 18 – November 24

by | Nov 24, 2020 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

Thanksgiving is coming, and everyone is traveling. Plague or no plague, we’re all gonna go see grandma this Thanksgiving, because this might be the last time we get to see her (especially if we give her COVID while we’re there). This isn’t really a viable long-term strategy, but then, neither are Missed Connections, and that doesn’t stop us from continuing to post and derive enjoyment from them week after week. So hey, why not take a few minutes away from your disease-risking commute back to the old home place and enjoy some of the sublime, ridiculous glory that is the Missed Connections?

Why not indeed. This week, we’ve got all sorts of non-COVID-related behavior, from reaching blindly under the fridge for some dropped airpods to wandering around Food Lion with no underwear on. We’ve also got tales of Friday the 13th misadventures at the car wash,

We’ve even got one story from the glory days of Regency Square Mall, which any of you longtime Richmonders know was more than a minute back. Best of luck to the guy trying to find the girl from the Applebee’s that closed years ago — but hey, next time you should maybe consider posting your Missed Connection a little closer to the date of the incident.

Time is of the essence, Virginia.

You dropped ur AirPods (The Fan)

We were in tugwell market and your AirPod fell underneath the fridge. I said I have small hands and I got it out for u. Would u like to get to know each other?

You were gonna go commando and meet me at Food Lion

(If you see this, be sure to email me to confirm meeting time.)

The one on New Market Rd. And you were gonna bring your skateboard. Sorry I was so tough on you. I was just disappointed. Please, let’s try this again. We will just go with the flow. I’m a good dude and a true friend. That said, it’s hot you plan to leave your underwear at home!

I miss having friends

I miss having friends that I can message whenever and go have fun. I haven’t had any one in so long and I would like to start reaching out again.

Thanksgiving date (Henrico)

Sbm here looking to spend the day with a nice woman. Age or race not important.Tell me a little about yourself in response.

Tesla at Tommy’s on Forest Hill 11/13 (Forest Hill)

Friday the 13th wasn’t that bad!

You decided to leave the car wash, but stopped and vacuumed your car. We exchanged a few pleasantries while you drove past.

I’d love to see how those Body Gloves fit!


You worked for the Caterer (Newport News)

We talked for a minute and you told me how much you like to cook and arrange flowers and also do some bartendering . You also said you might do some small intimate events . Really enjoyed meeting you as you were fun and flirty at the same time . Curious about learning more about you if you . Think it is cool you also do drag .

Wawa Tidewater Trail

You were asking me about my bike! I had a gold helmet on. You also commented about my shoes! You were bought a pack of smokes and you were driving I think it was a Grey Chevy Aveo. I thought you were cute and I liked your tattoo’s tell me what color my shoes were!

Saw you at Walmart and then regency square many years ago (Richmond)

First of all, I’m a guy and I’m looking for a long legged brunette I saw many years ago. I first saw you in walmart at short pump with an older lady, maybe your mom. Some weeks later, I was at Applebee’s in regency square with a few friends. You were at the bar with some people, and you walked by and we locked eyes. I’m still kicking myself for not coming to talk to you. I know this is the longest of long shots, but if you’re out there, I’d love to talk to you

Met a beautiful woman in late 2016 (Newport News)

Met a beautiful woman looking for more to life in late 2016. I wanted more too, but wasn’t quite ready. I think about her every now and then and want to see her again. Our first meeting was at Kohls. Let’s try again. 

South Roanoke Home Depot 11/20 (Roanoke, VA)

I wasn’t expecting assistance in loading the appliance, but when I turned around there you were. You helped load it into the van. We talked about the advantages of a van, and that it was nice not having to lift the appliance over the lip of a car trunk.

You have fascinating eyes. If you’re interested in continuing our conversation, let me know. If you respond, include something that let’s me know you’re the person who helped, such as first initial, color of the van, type of appliance, or something similar.

Load of wood in your front yard (N. Chesterfield)

You have a pickup in your front yard filled with firewood for sale. You sit on the porch sometimes and i like what I see.

You are plump and I Love it.

Get back to me and lets meet

Budget Blinds Guy (Midlothian Turnpike)

We were both driving along Midlothian yesterday. Thought you were cute as we pulled up along side each other and wanted to get closer. What were you and I driving and what time of day was it. Reply back with details.

TJ Maxx

Made a return today. Cashier was really nice and cute. I know, super outside shot but respond if you see this. I was wearing a long sleeve Nike shirt. Late 30s guy. Thanks 🙂

Same Schedules (Cave Spring Krogers)

Seems we always run into each other in Cave Spring Kroger and say hello. I know we have mutual acquaintances yet I actually don’t know your name. You tall female, long auburn hair.

Have no idea of your relationship status. Be interested at least in knowing your name.

You were coming out of WAWA by Westchester (Midlothian)

You were coming out of WAWA today with no mask on. You are a younger guy with dark hair and you had on black shorts. When I came back out you were standing there smoking a cigarette. Some guy came out and gave you something from his bag, I believe cigarettes. My guess is they would not wait on you because you did not have a mask. You drove away in a black car. Older guy here and I was standing there smoking as you drove passed.

Headlights (Norfolk)

I’m missing the dancers and bartender at Headlights since the pandemic, would love to hear from whoever may read this. Are any of you, or others who read this, doing private dances now? 

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