Best of VA Missed Connections November 25 – December 1

by | Dec 1, 2020 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

Black Friday has come and gone, and we are now officially in the Christmas season here at the Missed Connections. This week, we’re getting in the spirit with MCs from Christmas tree lots and holiday parties that we can only hope are not super-spreader events. The holidays are always a fraught time, but the specter of disease is making this year’s a little… spooky. And not just in the Scrooge sense of the term, either.

But enough of all that; this week’s Missed Connections are here to take our mind off COVID for at least a hot second and provide some entertaining diversions. This week’s include tall dogs, antique fan collectors, fuzzy handcuffs dangling from car mirrors, and a whole bunch more. We wouldn’t normally expect an inability to figure out anagrams to be a positive selling point, but it is this week, as you’ll see. Hey, it’s the holiday season — strange things happen this time of year.

One thing that someone in this week’s MCs should not be surprised about is the fact that total lemons that auction houses pick up for little to no money end up being sold for thousands of dollars on shady used car lots. If the sign says, “Buy here, pay here,” what it’s really telling you is that you’re probably about to get ripped off.

Caveat emptor, Virginia.

Christmas tree lot (Hopewell)

You came to the Christmas tree lot this weekend and were making eyes at me. Or it seemed that way.

Let me know what you were wearing and I will let you know if it was you.

Let me love you. (Chesterfield)

You should let me love you. I promise you wont regret it.

Fuzzy handcuff Ford (Chester / Colonial Heights)

While running some errands today I looked up and saw you just dancing and singing. You just looked like you were having a really good time, I was in a hurry or I would of followed but I blew you a kiss and kept rolling. If you saw this and are interested tell me what type of car I was driving in your first message.

Tonight at Timberwood Taphouse (Charlottesville, VA)

This is a longshot, I know. I was a male patron and you were a female server. We exchanged looks and saw you smile, but I was with other people so I didn’t want to be a jerk to them, but I wanted to talk to you too. I’m shy and didn’t want to intrude while you were working, which sounds lame, I know.

In the off-chance you read this, you remember me, and want to meet, I’d love to meet you and get to know you.

Music at The Fork (ROANOKE)

I was listening to the great music at FITA Sunday evening with 2 friends. You were enjoying it as well, and we exchanged glances when I left. I really wanted to chat with you a bit, but the music was loud enough that I would have had to lean in close (social distancing!). I have regretted not doing so since.

On the off chance that you read this and wish that I had approached you, I’d love to hear from you. You can tell me the name of the songwriter that I called out to separate yourself from the scammers that will flood my inbox.

Cold harbor battlefield (Mechanicsville)

Anyone jog regularly at cold harbor battlefield or want to? I enjoy pole green park too. I’m in pretty good shape but I want to start running more often and need an accountability partner. I prefer going Mon-Fri during the day a couple times a week. I have no issues proving I’m a normal person just looking to exercise more often and enjoy the outdoors, you should be able to prove you’re real/sane as well. Thanks, talk to you soon

Looking for David, an antique fan collector who lives in Richmond… (Richmond)

I’m trying to touch base with David, I did some work at your house recently and we got to chat intermittently while I was there working. I really enjoyed chatting with you and seems like we had some cool stuff in common.

Out of respect I won’t put much personal info about you other than the fact that you have an impressive collection of fans. If this is you, that should be enough.

I enjoyed getting to know you and talking with you about your collection. You’re extremely attractive and clearly very smart. I know you’re single and live alone but I was wondering if you were open to a friendship or maybe more?

You’re a little older than I am but that’s cool with me. I kept thinking I was picking up a vibe when we were chatting but felt weird about asking you because I felt it to be unprofessional.

If this sounds like you then message me telling me what kind of work I was doing for you and how you feel. Thanks!

Mon aft. Belle Isle. I have tall dog. (Belle Isle)

I have a tall black dog. You were friendly, out of my league (quite likely age range, too, but just in case), and made a remark. I was on the phone and realized too late I may have missed a moment (I’ve been out of the game for a while).

walgreens worker (Mechanicsville)

YOU: working this morning, being oh so helpful

ME: almost incapable of taking my eyes of your butt when you walked me around the store. would love to connect further, but didnt wanna be too forward

think this is you? send me an email and let me know what you helped me look for but couldnt find

You were losing at anagrams (Stafford)

You were playing anagrams with a friend at work and losing. You said you had only won once. My guess is you live in the neighborhood behind your work or close by.

Rosie’s security guard in New Kent (New Kent)

You are the most handsome guy. I would love to connect with you and get to know you better. You’re young, probably about 5’7″. Say hello!

Looking for the person that donated a 1998 Dodge Dakota to Copart (Hampton)

Copart took your donated vehicle and auctioned it off to a shady dealership that wants $6000 for that 1998 Dodge Dakota.


Learn how to give properly.

Ghent bank teller — name starts with J

We always hit it off. Just seemed to connect in talking about stuff in general. I would be there for work, at YOUR work, so it was just small talk. But I always thought it would be nice to get to know each other WITHOUT plexiglass between us over beer or coffee. But it was awkward to give you my number or for you to give me yours.

Though I did try. 🙂

With COVID, even that beer or coffee may take awhile. But I don’t come in anymore, so was hoping you see this, and we can reconnect over the phone, for now.

Anyway, I know your first name, where you work (of course), roughly where you live, and even where you’re from and whom you live with. So if you are the right person, we’ll have no trouble figuring it out.

Wish there was a way to be direct, but given the CL reputation, I think keeping details out of the first post make sense.

Hope you see this, and I hope I hear from you soon.

Smiled at each other (Fredricksburg)

On Monday I was in the turn lane and you were the cute lady next to me going straight on rte 3. We kept smiling at each other and seemed attracted/flirting. I should of had you turn with me into the parking lot and regret I didn’t. Reply back if you would like to meet up for coffee,lunch or whatever

West clay st (Richmond)

You were cute af I wanted to ask for your number but your coworkers were there hum if you remember what i delivered

Beach weather? (Ocean View)

You were running into the water today, it looked so cold!! Would love to have chatted longer

Dollar store (Mechanicsville)

You were driving a dark green Colorado truck. Dark hair and the truck needed a muffler. Thought you were cute. Hit me up.

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