Best Of VA Missed Connections November 27 – December 3

by | Dec 3, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

This week’s Missed Connections is all about the river hangs — and I gotta tell y’all, it seems like a bit late to me. I know this is a southern city, and it stays warm pretty deep into the fall, but nonetheless, post-Thanksgiving seems a bit late for a barefoot day at the river. And yet here we are — not only is some guy running around with no shoes at the James in the final days of November, but someone else is getting ready to full-on canonize the guy… or at least his feet. Stay weird, Richmond.

That’s not all we’ve got for you this week — no no, not by a long shot! Too often when someone in MCs is talking about “trees” you know they’re just trying to score some weed, but this week we’ve got a couple of actual plant nerds fluent in Latin species classification names making a connection at the greenhouse. How can you not love that? Meanwhile, usually when someone talks about a dream cashier, you figure that means they were the cashier of their dreams. But hey, plot twist — all it really means is that they talked about dreams with their cashier. Are we really speaking the same language out here?

Meanwhile, we’ve got proof that Richmond really does appreciate all kinds of people — at least one person this week is trying to track down a panhandler they met. And not just to buy them coffee, either, though it does seem the ideal way to a gas station spanger’s heart.

Finally, there’s not much more depressing in this world than having to take a Lyft to the urgent-care spot… so I guess the real question is: does getting a Missed Connection from your driver make it better or worse?

Get that checked out, Virginia.

Barefoot guy at the river

Would like to wor$hip your feet.

You said my goatee was on point (Richmond)

You are a sexy little blond at the apartments at Hull St Rd and 6th St and you had a friend with you. I could tell you wanted to play with my beard and i would love to let you. Hit me up and tell me your girlfriends name so i know it’s you.

Thinking about that Christian guy

I used to know this guy who was struggling with his feelings for other guys. He had issues with his faith vs his feelings. I was kind of in the same boat. I wonder if he’s still thinking about it. I know I am.

Thinking of you

Seems totally pointless to post here but was thinking of you just now and wanted to reach out. Hope to hear from you. Wishing you the very best as always. I hope you are doing well.

Mr. Bad Timing

Home Depot dream cashier (Ashland)

I told you about a dream I had. I left completely bewildered that I told you about it. You must think Im crazy.

Lumber Store Man (Midlothian)

You were on the phone walking the aisles talking. You passed by several times. You were very cute. You were wearing your blue work uniform with your name on it. Each time you passed I made eye contact. Definitely would like some man fun with you.

7 cats (Chester)

I was talking to you today and you had on a blue straight outta pencils shirt on with black sweatpants. I would love to talk to you more. I was working at a store in Chester and we was having a conversation. You probably won’t see this. But a little about our convo is you was single and guys be wanting you to just jump on it and not anything else. So tell me what store I met you in. Never got your name. You also work with a vendor for the store that’s how you got your cats.

Great Big Greenhouse (Richmond)

Woman in black near the Spathiphyllum and Epipremnum. I believe you had Sansevieria on your flat cart. We coincidentally parked next to each other. Let’s be plant friends.

Kroger – Jeff

You were looking for molasses and we engaged in a brief conversation. I felt there was some chemistry there. I was too nervous to offer my phone number or ask for yours. I highly doubt you will see this ad. But if by some rare twist of fate that you happen to stumble upon this ad and reply, then I’d like to converse further.

But first, please indulge me and provide some identifying information so that I know that you were the guy I spoke to. For instance, what was I wearing? And where did I say I was from? Or tell me something to help me identify you.

Guys looking for women…??? (Everywhere)

Have any of you actually connected with a female???? 

I mean really connected..not just a few x-rated texts or emails???

Getting Coffee, reading a book? Watsons? (West/End, Short Pump)

I was getting coffee in the West End….. You’re the white woman who was reading a book with a big, white “Watsons” in the title. You’re book didn’t look like fluff. Give me a shout if you’re down.

Acura salesman (West broad)

You know you were flirting hard earlier today.. hope you sell me something!!

Early morning ride

Rideshare early in the morning…. you complimented my natural hair. You said you like to go dancing & should show me the city. You cut hair also 

I hoped you’d find a way to get in touch

Lyft passenger to patient first. (Fan)

Your name begins with k. Don’t wanna say more for your privacy. Remember me?

ODC beautiful tatted guy (RVA)

dear diary, 

We met at ODC after 2 AM. You were ridiculously attractive, long hair, good beard, 6’2, had two tatted sleeves but your long shirt was covering them. I got you to come back to my apartment with me & it was amazing EXCEPT I never got any contact info from you 🙁 I think your name was Tristan but my friend said it was John. the fact I’m even writing this is hilarious but you were so handsome.

Mesmerized (Short pump)

I whispered in your ear that I was mesmerized by you. I told you I would be back next Friday to see you. I came, but I had to leave early. You probably dont look at these, but I figuired I would try. If its you just let me know where we saw each other. Hope this works!

missing (Charlottesville)

Missing my lg as of late, I hate that you had to move away to be with your husband. Maybe one day you will be able to confide in him your true desires, instead of sneaking around. Be good Princess maybe fate will bring you back to me

Chatted at Target (Westchester)

Should have asked for your number, beautiful African-American lady in Target the other day that I chatted with.

Starbucks near Carilion (The bridges)

Hey, you were with another talking.. between 12-2 today Saturday 11/30. We made eye contact several times.

When you walked out you saw me in my vehicle. Not sure why you didn’t come to the car instead you went around the corner… interested.. hmu.. tell me something you would know

YMCA (Richmond)

Hey, I know u catch me staring at you all the time when I see u working or working out!! Would love if you are actually into guys lol..

food lion/gym girl (Rocky mount)

Hey Idk if it’s anything to it or if it even could be. Idk who the guy you go to the gym is. I don’t believe it’s your ol man. If I thought I wouldn’t even try this. But if it is my bad. I seen you today I drive the blue f-350. Idk if you see this message me respond tell me what’s up?

Teddy Bear

Any women lose a big ol teddy bear?

Anytime Fitness You’re From MD

We kind of trained together today and agreed to train together tomorrow. You’re visiting from MD. Would like to take you out while you’re here. What did we agree to train together if you’re interested?

Single mom looking for man at Hamilton (Richmond)

We sat next to each other at Hamilton at the Altria on Friday night, the 29th. I was there with my two daughters and you were there alone. I’m guessing you’re in your early to mid-50s. I found you very attractive, and your lack of a ring did not go unnoticed.

older lady lowes black friday (louis)

you said I look like a guy you dated in high school. let’s chat


Saw you in sheetz on rt 10. Wanted to say something but to shy. You had on all black reply with what I was talking about or what I was wearing

Exxon off Chamberland ave (Richmond)

Wondering if you still stand in front of Exxon pan handling . You are a nice looking guy friendly Said your name is Le’Shawn. See this let’s grab some coffee. Later man.

You work at St. Catherine’s (Richmond)

Name starts with an A. I believe I’ve seen you on here before, and we met in person once. I wonder if you would be up for anything given your situation and what I have heard about you

Yesterday at Panera drive-thru

Yesterday around 10:30 am I went to the new Panera in Westchester Commons and used the drive thru. You were a stunningly beautiful red head. You took my breath away. I was in a black SUV and wasn’t alone. If you have any interest, message me. I never do this but what the hell.

7-11 on rt33

We met this morning we chatted for a bit I told you how old I was if you see this and interested get back to me

Most beautiful asian

Saw you at your job laughing and smiling outside I would assume with your co workers. You were wearing a black long dress, Definitely saw a tattoo on the shoulder. Just wanted to let you know you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I’m to shy to talk to you so I really hope you see this

Cute blonde girl in the Watkins nursery dump truck (Midlothian)

You were that cute blonde and I was the guy who got that blue truck moved for you. The least thing you could do is meet me for a drink…..😉

ACAC Thanksgiving day short pump (short pump)

grey hair, glasses, red tee and white shorts with weight training gloves on, on fitness floor in the morning. hope to make a missed connection with you.

Female employee at Publixx yesterday around 1:45pm (Mechanicsville)

I was the older guy, you bagged my groceries. You said you were helping to cook for Thanksgiving, then going to a friend’s to drink. Wish I had let you bring groceries to my car like you offered. Would love to learn more. Hope to hear back if you are interested. Tell me your name so I know it’s you.

Tennis mom (VB)

Looking for the tennis mom that posted earlier looking for a friend. You sent your contact info and your post was taken down. I’m still interested…

Graig (Shockoe Bottom)

Graig, i just have to say you are too cute with your glasses and man bun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carlos (Chester)

I lost your number! We meant at McD’s on 10 Saturday morning. Please contact me!!!

Dollar General rt1 Sunday night

Cute girl in grey or blue car, I was in a white car.. tell me the make if interested in me….

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