Best Of VA Missed Connections October 7 – October 13

by | Oct 13, 2020 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

It’s October, the month that pumpkin spice becomes completely ubiquitous and at least half of your neighbors spend entirely devoted to elaborate Halloween decorations. Here at the Missed Connections, finding the perfect person to hand out treats with is a full-time occupation, one complicated considerably by the ongoing need to socially distance. But hey, at least this month has the mask thing covered.

This week, as you’ve come to expect, the MCs have the usual dosage of romantic weirdness covered, from the compression-stocking-rocking RVA Mag reader who loves undercut ponytails (shout out) to spontaneous dance parties breaking out at railroad crossings. Plus, adorable surfer hair helps a C-ville resident get over their hangup about out-of-state plates, a longtime crush on a bank teller finally gets expressed publicly, and an adult novelty store encounter occurs in a way that actually manages to be charming and not weird.

By the way, just to editorialize for a moment: sandwiches never ruin anyone’s day — least of all, sandwiches from Sheetz.

Enjoy your pumpkin-spice burrito, Virginia.

M4F Farm Fresh self checkout line

me: black shirt black shorts and a black leg compression stocking to match (lol), green hat and glasses

you: blue workout clothes, blonde with the sides and back of your head shaved (undercut ponytail?). you smiled at me in line behind your mask and i could tell by your giant gorgeous blue eyes. turns out we parked next to each other and i’m pretty sure you snuck a few more glances but i couldn’t tell because your windows were tinted.

would love to meet face to face (still masked!) sometime.

i’ve never posted one of these things- yo rvamag help me out!

Woman at Powhatan Sheetz

We locked eyes in the checkout line. I wanted to talk to you, but I had to wait for my order. Sandwich ruined my day again! It was around 5:15 today, and you were wearing a camo t-shirt. If you’re interested, let me know what I was wearing or something about me so that I know it’s you. Hope to hear from you

ems (hanover)

If there’s anything I remember that night, it’s how well you treated me, your name, the book and your eyes.

I don’t even think I got a chance to say thank you and how appreciative I was that you actually treated me like a human being which I haven’t had in a long time.

I’m writing this probably out of guilt because I barely said a thing when you said you were leaving but I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t feel some sort of connection.

The biggest thing is I’m grateful and thank you. Just talking to you open my eyes to a lot more than you can imagine.

Keep changing people lives. You’re good at it 🙂

Kroger (Carytown)

We crossed paths on the back aisle…your were pretty white female and u said u liked my smiley face mask…if u come across this….hey lets chat…

Railroad crossing dance party (Port norfolk)

Cleveland st and railroad ave

Long shot here, hoping to get in touch with the ladies in the Nissan murano sl that danced outside there car while we waited on the train to get out the way. I’m the one that was in the tractor trailer behind y’all having the surprise night of his life, I’m down there off Harper road every night of the week besides mon an tues

curly haired Californian cutie (charlottesville)

I’d still be angry at all the out-of-state license plates if it weren’t for you. You gave off MASSIVE Californian surfer boy vibes but I can’t stay mad at a boy with hair like that. I sat on a porch just 3 houses up the street from le petit and you smiled at me on your walk to downtown. I walked to get a coffee in the hopes that you’d be there. I think you drove a mini van.

Dreadhead at Crunch m2m (Richmond)

We spoke in passing by the lockers.

You were mid30s tall, black, long dreads
I was mid40s red shorts, salt and pepper hair.

Had more to say. Hit me up.

Ghent bank teller — name starts with J

We always hit it off. Just seemed to connect in talking about stuff in general. I would be there for work, at YOUR work, so it was just small talk. But I always thought it would be nice to get to know each other WITHOUT plexiglass between us over beer or coffee. But it was awkward to give you my number or for you to give me yours.

Though I did try. 🙂

With COVID, even that beer or coffee may take awhile. But I don’t come in anymore, so was hoping you see this, and we can reconnect over the phone, for now.

Anyway, I know your first name, where you work (of course), roughly where you live, and even where you’re from and whom you live with. So if you are the right person, we’ll have no trouble figuring it out.

Wish there was a way to be direct, but given the CL reputation, I think keeping details out of the first post make sense.

Hope you see this, and I hope I hear from you soon.

For you (Stafford)

Hey. I know you’re going through something, probably even more than what you’ve already revealed recently. I’m here. No judgement. If you need me, just say it. Just say the word. I’ve got you.

Written by a woman

Tractor Supply (Culpeper)

You were coming out of Tractor Supply in Culpeper and I was heading in. I noticed we were wearing the same pattern shirt. As you passed by, I said to you, “I like your shirt.” You smiled back and said, “Thanks.”

What pattern shirt were we both wearing?

Blonde lady at Wawa (Broad/288)

Saw you this morning at the Wawa grabbing items for the workday. You definitely caught my eye…. especially your hair and curves. Would love to hear from ya if you see this!

Shopping (Hampton)

Hello. You came to my store and purchased a few toys. You said this was your first time using toys. You were excited about how knowledgeable I was and thanked me numerous times for helping you out. I would love to meet again. I am the owner. Let me know if this is you. Looking for a guy

Rest area (Dinwiddie)

Stopped by rest area last night on my way home. Made eye contact with a truck driver a few times was wondering if you were still there and need some attention

Echo nurse Chor (Rva)

I had an echo done there today by you. I thought you were very cute. We talked about getting cold outside and leaves changing. I didn’t think to ask for your number or anything. If you happen to see this reply with where you live which we talked about also.

The lady working on her yard (norfolk)

The lady who was outside yesterday you wear the hell out of those black yoga pants perfect body.

Lowes 17 (Stafford)

You kept walking back & forth from one end of Lowe’s to the other. Your a short female, blonde hair. You had on sweat pants & a purple hoodie. After you passed me the 3rd time I said, your running a marathon today. You ended up in line behind me at the register too. I’d love to introduce myself. Describe what I looked like if remember me.

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