Best Of VA Missed Connections July 29 – August 4

by | Aug 4, 2020 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

Welcome to another week of Missed Connections, where in addition to everything else we’re trying to avoid this summer (pandemic, police violence, etc), we’re also trying to duck a destructive hurricane. Is thinking happy thoughts of summertime crushes enough to avoid 50 mph winds knocking down everyone’s power lines? If so, your weekly dose of Missed Connections is here to help!

This week, even if the hurricane doesn’t blow your house down, you still have to worry about the Big Bad Wolf, who seems more than prepared to break your heart in the process. Uh oh. We’ve also got a festival of color for the summer, whether it be dresses that grab the eye or surprising hair colors. Plus of course, some pool action, in case we haven’t gotten the message that it’s summertime just yet.

Of course, if personal interaction still weirds you out in this time of pandemic, you could always try heading out to the country; it feels like the majority of our Missed Connections this week come from rugged farmer types and pioneer ladies looking to can tomatoes, and that’s always awesome.

Get out of the city, Virginia.

Broken (Chester field)

You are my big bad wolf and I was the little pig

the moon (richmond)

didn’t even see the sky
you were made of the stars anyway
i don’t care if I burn my eyes out
i’d do it every day just to catch a glimpse.
of you

Yellow dress – the highlight of my lunch break (Downtown)

I look forward to seeing you every day when I head down to get fresh air and coffee at lunchtime. Today you were especially beautiful. Can I join you sometime?

Elizabeth! (Chester)

LOVE the retro hair and blue dress. You’re frickin’ aDORABLE today!!!

handsome cyclist w/ tattoos (northside)

saw you biking today while driving through northside. you were wearing a red and black uniform. my friend and I drove past you in a gray hatchback and though you were really cute. email me 🙂

Purple hair at Galaxy diner (Richmond)

Was it you that tried to come in the restroom with me? Maybe I should’ve let you… We eye fucked the shit out of each other, as much as I was comfortable with. Would love to get your number and chat.

Pool fun (Waynesboro)

Looking for someone to come use my pool.

No fun using it all by myself.

Cedar Lane-you in white cowboy hat cutting grass (Cedar lane in Hanover not far from Winns Church Rd)

You are a white guy, appear to be in 40’s, you were cutting fields on Saturday wearing a white cowboy hat. You had a rugged cowboy/Costner look about yourself. I rode by like three times. I was in the jacked up white diesel truck and was carrying my 4-wheelers. I also noticed a government style car in your driveway. I was completely at awe and I typically don’t get like this. Im bi but more straight but I couldn’t help but drive by a few times. I’m a white guy, 32, super fit, work in construction and on a farm part time in the area. I’m 6’1 180 and am muscular/tone, in case this post interests you. I’m a typical T shirt, blue jeans, ball cap kinda guy. I also play baseball locally. Anyway, had to get this off my chest and hope you see this. This would be doubly awesome if you also drove that government car I’m referring to.

Kayaker (Norfolk)

We met on the beach one evening after I photographed you paddling in. Your bad day got better then we lost touch. It would be fun to reconnect here. 

Tractor Supply looking for Mason Jars (Town of Louisa)

You were looking for Canning jars, I showed you were they were and they were out but we shared a glance and now I can’t get you off my mind. you were with your daughter or I would have stopped you in the parking lot. I know that it a long shot but I had to try, I will give you a case of jars if you will reply to this message. You purchased 3 items, tell me what they were and I will know its you.

Farmer? (Goochland)

At BP in Goochland you were pumping gas into your equipment on trailer. Guy here who found you very intriguing. Reply let’s meet up. I can assist in servicing your equipment.

We met at tropical smoothie

We met at tropical smoothie in mechanicsville. You had red hair at the time. We got together a few times, you had a thing for guys in uniform.. I doubt you would see this but I would love to get together..

beautiful woman in colonial Hts Walmart (colonial heights)

Big Longshot here… You were in Walmart on Monday 7/27 between 5pm and 6 in the vitamin section.. I’m punching myself in the head for not even saying more. You did laugh when I first arrived. What did I say?

really over today (Newport news)

Anyone near newport news who can give a girl a smoke before I flip out on my car in the parking lot? Fml happy Friday really done with today

Guy running on mill mountain saturday morning (Roanoke)

You were getting in your subaru parked on the road going up mill mountain saturday morning. Looked like you just finished running. Would be nice to talk to you. You were very good looking with blond hair.

Shell store BM/WF (Williamsburg)

You and I were the only two in the store…….then the Clerk suddenly appeared out of the back.
I’m tall and dark. You’re short and gorgeous! I wish I would’ve asked for your name and number.

Shell gas station Richmond Rd. Williamsburg

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