Best of RVA Missed Connections December 12 – December 18

by | Dec 18, 2018 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

Christmas is coming, and we all need someone to cuddle up to, so if you’re lonely this holiday season, maybe you can find a boo in this week’s Missed Connections.

This week we’ve got a lot of late-night hangout spots representing, from hipster hot spots like Bandito’s and 3rd Street Diner to the traditional points of wee-hours commerce like Walmart and 7-11. We also learn the somewhat disturbing fact that people will still be checking you out even if you’re having a seizure.

We also see a great attraction for people with blue hair, so grab the Manic Panic and dive in.

Heels in this weather (Short Pump)

While enjoying a coffee near the big tree I saw the prettiest brunette walk by with some nice open heels on this rainy day. Your toes were a nice holiday shade. I would enjoy making sure they stay warm as needed. You looked marvelous from head to toe.

Wal-Mart (ShortPump)

I doubt you will see this but I have to try. We spoke at Wal-Mart a few days ago. I regret not introducing myself and getting your name. I was looking for a gift for my Mother and you were looking to get your kids something. If you see this by some Christmas miracle and are interested please message me and tell me what we were looking at. Hint….you were taking pics of said item(s).

Today I Met… (Norfolk)

Today i met the messenger of God. He was selling M & M’s on the Tide.

Blue haired girl (Short Pump)

This is my second time seeing you as you came into my shop. you alway smell good if you know what I mean an I wanna kick it with you. hopefully you see this, I’m sure by your looks you can’t be single but just wanna kick it. hopefully this finds you. to prove its you tell me what you ordered

You fixed my collar (Chester)

You fixed my collar this afternoon, can you tell me where we were? I’d like to fix a little something on you

short blue hair (JCC)

You and I locked eyes as you were leaving and I was working/walking in and we both complimented each other’s hair. I don’t know how you identify but let me find out and then take you out.

You Looked Sexy (Norfolk)

You looked sexy even though you were having a seizure. It was in the hair care section of the Ghent Walgreens. I was the guy in the blue shirt holding your legs while that old man put his wallet in your mouth. Let’s get together when you’re feeling a little less woozy.

Kroger Tuesday 12/11 (Short Pump)

Tuesday night, you were with a friend, possibly boyfriend. We made eye contact and you left him and found me in an aisle. We both lingered there just looking, clearly not really looking for anything in particular. Was afraid to say anything.

Let me know what was on my hoodie

3rd Street Dinner (Richmond)

Was in yesterday morning with some coworkers. You were the girl with glasses that waited on us. I know you probably wont see this but I thought you were hot wish I could see you again. Hit me up if your interested

Tickle me to death

Dude tickle me crazy, mostly on my feet, wish you’d gotten more. It was 3 years ago we were at embassy suites

7/11 Saunders and 17 (Hampton)

I come in quite often, we speak a lot and I make it a point to come in when your working. Me- Male, tattoos. You- white female, nose ring.

You asked me when the last time I went to the gym because I was looking soft lmao!!!

Reply back with someone about me.

Love is evil (STAFFORD)

It has been 2 weeks and on that day I turned off my emotions. No more feelings, no more love, I dont want it, feel it or use it. Of course I will show love for my family & friends. But never again for a guy. You know that heartbreak leads to so many things even death. I actually feel great this new me. Not giving a fuck…. Even went back to this one person and it….was….amazing…. All of my anger, sadness, went away like that. The snap from thanos. Yes I may have turned into a heartless cold person but I have excepted that love is evil and I DONT WANT IT!!

food lion (goochland)

saw you in the isles and you had a great smile . saw you again at register and stared because you resemble matt lauer so much . didn’t see you outside or would have told you that . me with the skull cap on, with the name of a country I have visited. that and other factors if you read this and would like to contact me . please do

Cute cheese lover at fresh to frozen (Midlothain turnpike)

Dec 12th about 6pm. Chatted in cheese section briefly. You…handsome, tall guy with great smile and excellent culinary taste…who loves a bargain;)

PA Paige (Devil’s Triangle)

We met on snow day Sunday at Banditos then went to Sheppard st. I ran off to a show before realizing I don’t know how to get in touch with you.

Big Lots, Lots and Lots (Hampton)

You were wearing black suede knee high boots, pushing a carriage. Your hair looked freshly cut into a bob, very short in back getting longer to the front, very lovely girl in the Christmas decoration area at the back of the store. It seemed to me there was an unspoken attraction, a magnetism between us. Am I correct? Is so, let me know. Tell me your hair color and well take a step.

Looking for Kirkland, Pam’s son (West End)

Hello, I really enjoyed the tattoo conversation. Loved your accent not sure from where. Appreciate you getting my order fixed. Eggs over medium is always hard to get done right. Would love to have further convo with you.

Hardee’s & Food Lion (Stuarts Draft)

Brunette, petite, smiles a lot.

You work at both Food Lion and Hardee’s. My friend and I have come through the drive-thru a couple times lately.

I made a comment about something you needed tonight. If you see this and you’re interested let me know what I said you needed.

Working out (C ville)

Miss watching you working out freeballing if you’re still out there I will be to 

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