Best Of VA Missed Connections April 15 – April 21

by | Apr 21, 2020 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

It’s time for another installment of Missed Connections, where this week makes clearer than ever that everyone is kinda getting tired of being so bummed about coronavirus all the time. Sure, we’re all still on quarantine, and nobody wants to get the COVID… but if we’re all stuck sitting on the couch in front of the TV anyway, can’t we at least celebrate 4/20 in our accustomed fashion? That sure seems to be the message for this week.

Well, whether you rolled up a joint/blunt/spliff/etc yesterday, or just sat around letting your galaxy brain think up ridiculous and totally unfounded corona-conspiracies all day, you’re sure to find at least one Missed Connection in this week’s installment of Craigslist’s wackiest.

You’ll also find people who aren’t letting the shift to takeout and delivery only stop them from flirting at restaurants, grocery stores, and coffee shops on a constant basis — not to mention what’s apparently a really hot scene at the Byrd Park exercise stations. Plus, it’s apparently a buyer’s market for sugar babies, used underwear trades, and 20-something bodybuilder boys right now. Y’all stay safe out there!

Oh, and by the way, if you seriously think all the ladies out here have quit wearing underwear because of the pandemic, you don’t know us nearly as well as you think you do. You should have asked if we were still shaving our legs.

Let’s make those razors last, Virginia.

Today is 4/20 (Richmond)

Today is 420…….where is it?

420 and things

It’s 420 let’s have some fun on this rainy day in RVA.. it’s time to celebrate ladies…let’s those boobies and blunts..yeah this message will definitely self distruct lol..

What do you think?

Dosen’t seem really funny how this virus spread so fast?

No one can convince me that this shit spread all over the world that fast, think about it?

Imagine how big this world is, there’s no way, it’s bullshit and a lot of people would agree.

It’s called one world order, they have spread the virus from chem trials from airplanes. Their trying too shrink the world population. It’s all coming together we’re in a world of hate and evil and God is pissed off of all the wickedness in this world.

So get yourselfers right with God, he’s coming soon.

El Paso Corona (Western Henrico)

I was waiting for a million calories of Mexican takeout (who has ever even heard of such a thing??) and you came in to order what I think was a large blueberry rum margarita to go, though it was a little hard to hear over the CNN Mexico playing in the background (who knew Cabo and Cozumel weren’t exactly boomtowns here in the Corona?)

You asked how the pandemic was treating me, then answered your own question with a comment that “It looks like it has been pretty good to you.”…which made me laugh. You have no idea. I should have invited you to the party. A good time was sure to be had by all…and it was. Maybe next time? What did I tell you about the restaurant on the corner of my neighborhood?

Lonely in Quarantine (Richmond)

Looking for someone to talk to. I’m lonely and need a friend.

Panera Bread Midlothian getting coffee (Midlothian Turnpike)

We were preparing our coffees bruh…exchanging about how tired we both were and hoping this coffee woke us up. I mentioned I had been up all night and was coming from Maryland. You told me (twice) how you hoped the day got better and that you hoped that coffee did what it was supposed to do…I thought it may have been an attempt to vibe but I was so out of it man! So if it was and you see this joint HIT ME lol. I am open! #fluid

looking For King Dong (Roanoke)

You remember when we met several months ago and you told me your nick name was King Dong. I fell so in love with you. If you see this please contact me here.

Looking to fill the position for a sugar baby (Portsmouth)

I have an opening for a sugar baby. This is a part time position.

I am tall and white. Great sense of humor and loves to have fun.

Looking for a cute White female that would want to be my sugar baby. A long term arrangement that leaves us both satisfied.

Underwear trade (Richmond)

To the person that had this post dated on april 15 underwear trade, I’m intrested and want to know more.

What panties are you wearing? (Peninsula)

With everyone stuck indoors for awhile longer I’m just wondering what you ladies are wearing.

I’ve heard so many ladies have sworn off underwear entirely for the duration but I want to hear from all of YOU and hear what YOU are doing, under there 🤔

Cisco food truck (Belmont)

Second day of food pantry. Cute female. Long black hair. Black and white pants. Doc martens. I was first in line male 48. Black hoodie. Thought I’d try. I’m not a creeper. I can take no for an answer.

Jump rope Byrd park (Richmond)

Nice work tonight. Check your windshield wiper

Jump rope Byrd park

Holy f*ck you are amazing. I’d love to connect on lessons how to jump rope like that.

Nice to see again tonight. Check your windshield wiper.

Byrd park (Byrd park)

The workout regimen is dope

What do I have to do to get a hair cut? (Roanoke)

It’s a simple job, I’m mostly shaved on top with grey sides. Just need a number 1 or number 2 guard trim and my neck shaved. Prefer you have a professional grade trimmer and experienced at this. Thanks!

Flower girl (Charlottesville)

Any flower girls need help picking the daisies in the area?

Lowes yesterday Southpoint

You had a pull cart of violets I was looking for indoor plant fertilizer you were looking at seeds in packages. Did not want to break the social distance. Most attractive women seen in a very long time and no mask or gloves. Put color of vehicle in subject to weed spam


HOLY SHIT I’M RICH. hosting young white boy bodybuilder bareback bottom under 30 now. no drugs. no smoking. no weapons. you must live on the southside if you don’t then respond. YOU MUST DRIVE IN YOUR CAR. THIS IS FOR NOW NOT 2 WEEKS FROM NOW. you must be young and clean cut. no hair. no beards.

no white men over 30 years. you must be a bareback bottom. YOU MUST BE A BODYBUILDER IF YOUR NOT THEN DON’T RESPOND. no vagrants. no homeless. no felons. no obese men. YOU MUST BE PHYSICALLY FIT IF YOUR NOT THEN DON’T RESPOND. IF THIS WHITE BOY BODYUILDER bareback bottom under 30 is you. YOUR READY COME OVER IN YOUR CAR NOW. THEN SEND YOUR FACE PIC NOW. NO TOPS.


Walking through the park (Wasena)

I was in the park taking pictures of my bike .I kept moving and kept seeing you.You are very beautiful and if not for our age difference I would have started a conversation.


Not going anywhere if you don’t want me to.

To the love that I lost Lisa (Short Pump)

I think about you everyday

More than words could ever say. You where my wife for 25 years, the best 25 years of my life. I made mistakes that ended our relationship which I truly regret. I have asked God to forgive me of my sins.

And pray that one day we can be together again.

I know you my never see this message. But if someone reads this that is experiencing what I am, know that you’re not alone oh, I understand your heart aches and your soul is broken

My journey (Virginia beach)

I am a 33 yr old male. I see that everyone on here is posting about anything and everything. I minus well say i am a gay man just searching for hope and happiness and i don’t know if i came to the right place. I am happy that i came this far but soon i wish to move to a place where no one knows me and start all over. Ive been in Virginia for a long time but somehow people in my life keeps running i might as well run to. I feel as if their is nothing left for me here. I keep trying but I always end up losing myself in the process. It’s hard to love again. Time will come and i hope to patch the things that’s holding me here.

VA ABC Forest Hill 4/16

We were in the store at the same time, early afternoon Thursday. You looked super cute in your hoodie and face mask!

Taller white guy, thin build, nice eyes – blue or green, was difficult to tell.

You drove a similar vehicle to mine, though yours is a newer model.

Have a socially distant drink some time?


cheating husband (Norfolk)

I recently found out that my husband is cheating on me. I think he still may be. I am just looking for someone who has been through this to talk to over email. I am not interested in anything romantic, I AM NOT a cheater.

You liked my “friend” (Virginia Beach)

It all started with a wave,

You had dark hair and were wearing sunglasses. you had a nice smile. You drove a truck. We came up on a stoplight when you waved at me and told me you liked my “friend”. But before I could build up the courage to ask for your number the light turned green.

A woman can only hope for some reason you look at shit like this and stumble upon this post.

My “friend” and I wanna know if you wanted too quarantine and chill sometime(:

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