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Welcome to another week of Missed Connections, where we are simultaneously concerned and cautiously optimistic. Will tomorrow’s inauguration bring a new dawn for the world? If so, it might lift the spirits of the many lovelorn folks we find speaking from the pages of Craigslist this week. It seems wintering isn’t working out so well for a lot of people right now — and of course, finding a new partner in the time of COVID has its own pitfalls.

Regardless, people are still out there trying to meet each other, and this week’s MCs brings us stories from Waffle House and Food Lion, because no one is exactly rolling in dough right now, plus some meet-cutes involving prison nurses and shoutouts at stoplights. If you’re in the market for a new Tarot deck, you’ll want to read on, but beware of bitter religious folk wielding amateur psychological diagnoses.

Oh, and by the way, a word to the wise for those in doubt: learning about hip hop is a worthwhile way to spend your time even if it doesn’t get any cuties to hang out with you.

Use your time wisely, Virginia.

You snooze, you lose

That’s right! If you’re on here posting how you coulda woulda shoulda said hello or something …. then you need to avoid that next missed connection. Come on …. be bold, take the chance, speak up, don’t let her/him walk away. At least, TRY

For some people, that feeling lasts forever

Nothing has changed over here. I still feel the same way about you as I did all those years ago. You gave me so many opportunities to love you and I squandered them all. My sincerest apologies. Unfortunately I am not a time traveler so I cannot repair the past. We are only here in the present moment. You give me a concrete sign and I will take care of the rest. Worry not about money, I have you covered. If you never wanted to work that’s fine with me, although for your own personal fulfilment I would recommend it. You are driven and well composed so I wouldn’t expect that anyways. One of the many things I love about you. Worry not about anything. Get in touch and I will take care of the rest. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. That’s what I should have done from the start. I was so terrified of messing up our relation that I messed it up. Ironic… I take full responsibility. This situation is normal for twin souls. No need to dwell on the past. I sure won’t. Onward and upward to the stars. I love you so much. You are perfect in my eyes, now and forever.

You gave me coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond around Xmas then I saw you (Midlothian)

Today (MLK day) at the Walmart on Midlothian. We both did a double take and I kicked myself for not finding you again to say hi. I had a blue jacket on today and you had black leggings on that looked amazing. I would love to see you again.

Awesome at Walmart (Ruckersville)

Saw you at the local Walmart (Ruckersville).

You cut an unusual figure… seemed like, to me, you were bold and different. I think you may have noticed the tall, older guy ooogling your way.

Had the crowds not been so heavy I like to think we could have talked.

Would like to get the chance to know you more.

Stella’s (One Life) (Richmond, VA)

You were wearing a “Tax the Rich” sweater and helped me and a friend. Shot in the dark that you’ll see this but who knows.

Waffle House (Mechanicsville)

You’ve been my server a few times. We seem to converse well with one another, laugh and carry on. I think you’re a pretty woman.
You’re not wearing a ring and haven’t had the appropriate time to ask if you’re involved with anyone.
You probably are, but here goes nothing.
Your name rhymes with Candy! 😁
Put the company on my uniform I work for in the subject line for a response.
Take Care.

Guess it’s over

I’m here and I don’t know what to say. I lost you, please come back I love you. I miss you. My heart is broken. I don’t know what else to do. I can’t find you and I can’t reach you because you left social media and you haven’t been answering my phone calls and texts. What did I do? Please say something. You’ll know who I am by the way you describe that thing I used to do to you to make your legs lock and shake.

Missed connection at food lion on Jan 12! (Richmond)

We caught each other’s eyes more than once in the potato chip aisle at food lion on broad st near glenside drive around 5pm… you were wearing a stocking cap and black jeans. If I wasn’t wearing my bummy work clothes and muddy boots I would have said something to you. And you caught me off guard.

Heathsville Foodlion (Heathsville)

To the gorgeous blond in the Food Lion. You are lovely and I should have flirted more. You had your hair in a ponytail and wore a bright green top. Buying stuff before the sat football games. You were not wearing a band so I don’t know if you might be interested in future activities or not. I had on a med blue tshirt.

To the guy in the red car who hit on me on route 17 (stafford)

Hey, its the girl you were hitting on a few days ago. I was in my car and you rolled down your window to talk to me. I told you I had a boyfriend but I was lying. You were light-skin with some kind of braids in your hair. I should have saw what was up with you. This is my attempt at reaching out to you. If this is you, tell me what kind of car I was driving and let’s get in touch. Figured this was worth a shot.

Tarot Cards (The West End)

I was given a very nice deck of tarot cards and a book for readings for Christmas 2019. I have never used them because I have a deck that I use and have owned for many years. The new deck was giving to me by someone that is not in my life and I don’t want them in my possession, but don’t want to throw them out or give to any I know. I was wondering if someone would be interested in them (gratis). I am sure they came from Barnes and Noble and in absolute mint condition. Hopefully there is someone out there that has interest in tarot and would appreciate them.

Ideally will meet you somewhere in the Near West End or Fan and give them to you. Willow Lawn area. All I ask is that you tell me a bit about yourself and interest in Tarot. I just want to know that they’re going to a good home.

Hip Hop opener (Chesapeake)

We met a few years ago while your wife was in school. You offered me a beer and I enjoyed the Bud Light. I live in Virginia Beach and would like to meet again. I have learned more about hip hop.


I stayed with you so long through the bullshit because I was torn between not giving
up on the person who I loved…my Soulmate…and coming to terms with the fact that the person that I loved
no longer existed inside of the body that I was staring at (or not staring at depending if you were “on the road”
or not… ) everyday…and I dont care what anyone says ..that is a really painfull thing to wrap your brain around…
It takes a while to believe it. I can not fathom how one of Gods children can do another one this way. Its been 6 months and I am not better than in July. You portray your self as the Malignant Narcissist that you are. Its another one of those things that can be worked on but I forgot… are OK. God help you and anybody around you.

Nurse in prison (Chesapeake)

We use to work in a prison. I dont anymore but you still do. We both were going through bad relationships and started seeing each other….after some time we started to fall for each other. I still think about you daily. I know you went back to him and started a family….but i miss you and still love you. Everytime i see your posts on FB i think about you. I cant get you out of my head. In my new job i saw you and helped you with something that saved you money but made your new thing protected for free. I opened my own business and now you want me to do a service for you….Its hard to be near you and not kiss you. It stinks we didnt end up working out. But know deep down i say i dont care….but i do…i still love you like it was yesterday.

Top Photo by Viva Luna Studios on Unsplash

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

Former GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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