Best of VA Missed Connections: January 2 – January 8

by | Jan 8, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

We’re starting 2019 off right here in Virginia, and this week’s missed connections reflect that fact. From people checking on your coffee orders to good samaritans making sure you got the license plate number of the guy who hit your car, everyone’s looking out.

And if you’re looking out for some companionship, you might want to check through this week’s crop. Someone might be looking for you, especially if you’re always the most naked friend in the group, or you were crying in Starbucks and you need some love to turn that frown upside down.

Just don’t let yourself be consumed by bitterness — as we’ll soon see, it’ll eat you up like a hamburger.

To the kind person at PBR that left me a note 🙂 (PBRva)

Someone hit my car in the parking lot and you left me a note with their license plate. Thank you sooooo much, kind citizen!!

You asked if my toes were cold (Short Pump)

In the heels I was wearing.

You were tall, handsome, and not afraid of small talk.

You notified the staff that I still needed my iced coffee. Being soft spoken and shy, it really meant a lot.

Thanks for being such a great way to start that day and a nice note to end such a bad year on.

Still thinking about it.

You are missing it (Richmond)

All I wanted is your affection and attention. But it’s nonexistent. You hide things and tell half truths and I’m supposed to be okay with this?

You have clearly shown I am the furthest thing from your mind.

I am attractive and wish you would treat me like I am.. tell me I am…Showing me off, taking me out, showing affection.

THE HOF (THE Hofheimer house)

I was sitting at the bar and you were with another woman who was taller than you.
You apologized for staring at me.
I did not realize you were.

Then I saw you when I left outside the door.
You said goodnight.

I actually found you nice, and attractive. I would like to talk more.
I am a male and you are a female.
Sorry I did not engage, but would like to.

Gorgeous woman wearing yellow raincoat (Chippenham hospital elevator)

Sorry for the crappy weather report!!! Please let me make it up to you with matching boots and hat For your yellow jacket. Btw retired airforce.

WalMart Southern Shopping Center (Norfolk)

You left your change for me to use and it was so sweet! I thanked you in the parking lot and you said you’d been shopping for a NYE party you were bartending at. I don’t know how old you are or what your deal is but I’m single and would love to hang out sometime! Happy New Year!

Cute girl at the gas station (McKinney)

We were clearly interested in each other, but we were both driving with a friend. Hit me up if I’m on the money!


When all is said and done it’s about the mmmmmeeeaatttt isnt it?

Women say this and that, but my life experience says otherwise…

It’s all about the mmmmmeeeaatttt.

Thing is I don’t care anymore. I have a dog for companionship, It’s alot simpler

Birthday Suit, lost contact, still around? (Midlothian)

Hey Birthday Suit,

You went silent New Years Eve, you still around?

Enjoyed the conversation, reply back let’s continue the fun in 2019!

RIC Tuesday night (Richmond airport)

Saw you several times throughout the ordeal the airlines put us through on Tuesday. First plane issues, then luggage retrieval. You- military man, although not in uniform. Dark hair, pretty eyes. Me- short, tired woman with short brown hair, travelling with my teenage daughter. We left San Diego first flight at 6 am and was wiped out by this 4th flight of the day. American Airlines flight coming in from Charlotte

The teary eyed woman in Starbucks

You were having coffee with a friend this evening and couldn’t help but overhear bits of your conversation. You were sitting by the window in a dress that perfectly hugged your waist, stunning and full of sadness all at the same time.

We locked eyes in the reflection of the window a few times and I nodded, hoping to convey my support for your situation.

If you’d like an open ear or maybe someone to help you feel a little less lonesome, I’d love to fill that role. It made my heart run away to hear you laugh through your struggles.

Reach out if you need someone. I’m here.

My rain cloud (Gloucester)

Been so long since i seen your beautiful self with ever changing hair color and style my little kitty cat jellyfish crab with the rain cloud. Let us start anew its 2019 after all. We all deserve a chance after all.

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