Best Of VA Missed Connections January 23 – January 29

by | Jan 29, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

Are food and infatuation intrinsically connected? If you read the Missed Connections week after week, it sure starts to seem that way. So it’s no surprise that this week brings us a very cuisine-oriented edition of our weekly trawl through Craigslist.

There are certainly more reliable ways of meeting men than dropping cucumbers in the grocery store, but it’s certainly worth a shot. And attempting to find love at a sci-fi convention’s after party never seems like a bad idea… but if you don’t get those digits, you’re just going to end up back here, providing entertainment for us all. One thing we can tell you for sure is that dyed hair is in, but if you’re worried that it’ll make you seem like a social justice warrior, you just might be overthinking it.

So relax, Richmond, and let’s all dive into this week’s best lovelorn love notes for baristas and construction workers.

Cute guy at Aldi! (West broad)

I have never done this before. You were mid-late twenties something guy. I’m completely unobservant but I think you had dark brown hair. My son dropped a cucumber and you picked it up for me and asked if I wanted you to grab another cucumber for me. That was kind! Anyway, if you read this… email me ? This is so weird.

big egg filled with hay

more like big egg filled with heyyy if you know what im sayin

do you?

do you though?

Ladies of Hampton (Mercury)

Ladies of Hampton. Make a construction workers day. Ride by the job and give us a honk. Mercury across from the 7-11. Thanks. Have a nice day.

Pink hair in pizza joint (Norfolk)

I had lunch today at a quaint little pizza joint, you were working- love the pink hair and that smile melted me…… wish I would have caught your name.

Bandit at WAWA (Hopewell)

You 60+ white hair at WaWa in Hopewell. They call you Mr. David. Me, 60+ female who likes your style. I am too shy to approach but interested.

North side library Rio Road (Charlottesville)

You were sitting in the library with your young son. You looked like you could really use a friend. I am assuming you and your boy are staying at the domestic violence shelter.

If you want to talk I am interested. I could use a friend

Sandra (Maryland) at Starb**ks in Short Pump (Short Pump)

Sandra, I struck up a conversation with you this morning at the Starbuc** at Lauderdale and West Broad in Short Pump about 9am Tuesday the 22nd… You said you were from near Annapolis, but came to Richmond and you work for Progress*** Insurance… Wish I would have asked you out right then!!! Coffee at 8am at the same Starbu***??? on Weds morning??? Or maybe next time you’re in town?!?!? Message me with me name , if you remember!

Atlas coffee Saturday morning (Ummm… atlas coffee?)

I came in to get coffee and baked donuts. You were wearing blue pants and a dark jacket. I think you either work there or are the owner? We didn’t converse someone else was helping me. You are very sexy! Yum

Bay Beach Vet cutie m4w (Bay Beach Vet Hosipital Va Beach)

We chatted briefly after your sweet pup broke the ice, Sunday January 27 2019. You were very cute. I mean, very cute. I’m not sure what your situation is, but thanks for the chat. Engaging with you and your dog were the best part of that miserable waiting room experience. If you’re interested in reconnecting, reply with your dog’s name and what pet I had brought in.

Luck Stat: 0 (Marscon) (Newport News)

We met at Jack’s party during Marscon. It was really late and we were pretty drunk. We had more in common than being drunk and nerdy, though:

We’re both ranty drunks.

We both live in Newport News. You said you live off Bland.

We both are super unlucky. Zero in luck stat unlucky. Laughably unlucky.

I was wearing a silver and blue vest, short hair, glasses. I temp-dyed my hair to match the vest. I’m not actually part of the blue hair tumblr brigade; I just was trying to look snazzy. I had my massive steel drinking cup. You were wearing a red shirt… work shirt, maybe? I don’t remember the little logo in the breast area.

Being drunk and unlucky is a bad combo: I forgot to get any contact information at all! I don’t even remember your name. Did we even swap names? My name is Ash, by the way.

Anyway, I had fun ranting with you. I’m off Campbell so I know we could easily hang out some time. Maybe play some board games or old school D&D? At least the competition would be fair with us both being so unlucky.

Flipping a coin here… maybe, just once, it’ll turn up heads…

If not, I hope to see you next year.

— Ash

Waffle House M4M (Fredericksburg)

WED morning, you were an attractive Asian man sitting at the counter sipping a coffee … and I was with my friend having a late breakfast by the window. I glanced over a few times to make eye contact with you but, there were so many people and I’m not really sure there was a connection.

Anyway, if you’d like to grab a coffee, please reply with what you were wearing, and what part of the counter you were sitting at (or any other pertinent information).

It was nice meeting you yesterday (richmond va)

We have been smiling and saying “hi” for months, and yesterday you introduced yourself. 🙂 I still remember your name, do you remember mine? I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Hit me up with some details if you think this is you.

Little Caesars (Hopewell)

Does anyone the girl that works at little Caesars, she is short, brown hair, and was working at the register last Friday night. It was extremely busy in there. It was around 6pm.

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