Best of VA Missed Connections July 10 – July 16

by | Jul 16, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

Have you ever bought a beautiful stranger Taco Bell to catch her attention? It seems, if this week’s Missed Connections are anything to go by, that this may be a successful strategy. I’ll tell you one thing for sure: it’s a strategy we here at RVA Magazine approve of.

A strategy we don’t so much approve of is waiting around to super-like people on Tinder. Everyone is sorta embarrassed to be on a dating site, so you gotta hit people up now, before they deactivate their profile again.

Meanwhile, posterior fixation seems to be sweeping the Commonwealth like wildfire. I can’t imagine the stripper-comparison pickup lines are getting anyone very far, though. Maybe the people seeking dudes and bros will have more success — summer is definitely the time for dudebros of all stripes.

Strike while the iron — and the weather — is hot, Virginia.

Chasing Rainbows (Henrico)

I walked by you when I came into your store last week. I walked around looking for something, found it, and checked myself out. You tried to convince one of your coworkers to talk to me, but I left before he could. Message me what store it was and your hair color. We were connected for a little while after I left, and I am curious to know what that was.

Taco belll 

I love you!!! Thanks for paying for my food!! 💕 you just made a drunk ladys night 100 better lol i hope you’re having a fantastic night

Betty Queen Center Pool

We spoke briefly as you were doing laps. You said you scuba dive in circles. I wish we had a chance to talk more.

You shared a lane. (Henrico) 

You told me that you shared a lane at the pool today.

U of R (RVA) 

You are a stunning, dirty blonde female that came into my classroom today as I led discussion. I am a blonde male, and stood by you, making eye contact, hoping the attraction is mutual…. was it?

Pleep (Richmond)

Hey bud, time we connected!!

Your tinder said #strongerthantheboys (Richmond) 

I was waiting to super like you, and then you were gone. Let me know if this is you and I can send you my pictures and stuff.

We matched on qwikmeet (Suffolk) 

Looking for Danny from Suffolk. We matched up but I swiped the wrong way and I can’t fix it. If you see this send me the pic you have as your profile so I know its you.

Tattooed cutie at Busch Gardens (Williamsburg, VA)

Saw you waiting in the brutally long line for Lochness monster on Saturday. You had some sort of checkered flag tattoo on your neck. I’m unavailable and pretty sure you are too, but you are adorable and deserve to know. 

Publix Checkout (Colonial Heights) 

To the pretty lady in Publix checking out with maybe her husband… hopefully her brother. We locked eyes for a bit waiting to check out. I had to switch registers to get a better look at that pretty booty in those white shorts. You drove off in your matching white Toyota Runner and I’ll probably never see you you again, but wanted to let you know, I liked what I saw.

New cashier at Nuchols food Lion 

Good God I’m gonna need to see some ID for all that ass! You’re so attractive…with that body you should be working at a strip club lol. Your man is one lucky dude. He better be eating that ass like groceries.

Walmart today (Mechanicsville) 

You were setting up a display of 50 cent items near the registers today. I thought you were good looking with a nice butt! Hit me back.

Wal-Mart (Chester)

Absolutely stunning brunette in jean shorts and tank top with tat on upper arm at the Chester, Wal-Mart tonight around 9:30!! We crossed paths a few times and each time all I could think was OMG!!! You used self check out and I had my daughter with me so I was unable to say hello!! Def would love to chat.. What did my T-shirt say 😉 

Walmart Midlothian Tuesday (Midlothian)

Around 7:30 PM. I think you were with your son and he went ahead without you. I was walking out and we spoke to each other. You had on a white top and a tan skirt. “GORGEOUS” would start to describe you…..Wow!

Wegmans on Midlothian Tpk. (Midlo) 

Tonight around 8pm we were in Wegmans on the same isle….you noticed me and thought you were in my way, we spoke and laughed and then I found what I was looking for. What were you doing while browsing? Tell me so I know it’s you.

Lowes-South Pointe Saturday morning (Fredericksburg) 

A very attractive lady. We passed each other as I was going to my vehicle to pull to the front of the gardening section. I was loading my white truck with items I purchased. You were looking at flowers, picked one and then proceeded to the gardening. We both caught each other’s attention a couple of times and smiled at each other. 

This is a long shot and maybe this will pan out. You were wearing pink shorts. If “the” lady does reply, I hope the brief description of my vehicle and what you were wearing is a start. I saw the vehicle that you have and you can describe what I was wearing and loading — even the approximate time. 

Lowe’s Friday (Cville) 

You were very helpful in the hardware department today. We seemed to connect on an emotional level and the eye contact was phenomenal. Would love to get together to see just how much we have in common. We were both mature/older with similar physical profiles. 

Tarrant’s Server, Thursday (RVA Downtown) 

I was there for a business lunch. You’re beautiful, and you knew I kept checking you out. Couldn’t help it…

Elizabeth (Chesterfield) 

I keep having vivid dreams about you tonight. Making me miss you even more. Wish I could hold you.

Waiting for my coffee (Gaskins and Mayland)

You were a good looking man working at a table in the coffee shop today. I came in to get a cup of coffee. We met eyes a couple times but i tried not to look. I felt like you were checking me out but wasn’t sure. After i got my coffee i walked out. You are hot and cute. Hope you see this and know that i was flattered if you were checking me out.

Looked at each other at Milli Coffee (Charlottesville,VA) 


You were gorgeous in you dark jacket and slacks and white blouse ( with dots)

Captivating eyes ( behind glasses) and Yummy Red hair ( sorry for the yummy BUT !!)

I was researching and writing in my corner seat

If by chance you se this lets get coffee again…

Have a great day

Heading Out (charlottesville) 

Am leaving soon and wondered what connections I missed…
Was it you?
Will you show me your favorite places before I go?

It’s never too late to make a new friend or more… is it?

One last adventure?

Dude looking for 7/11 dude (Va beach)

This was a few weeks ago. I went in inside got some candy. You came in, looked my way and got your stuff. I went to paid and get gas. You came right behind me. Then I walked out but had to come back because the clerk gave me to much change ( I’m a honest guy) when I went to pump my gas I looked and you came out and saw you looking back. You drive a truck. Didn’t know if you was into me or into blk guys but thought I would give this a shot.

MIA Turtles and Trollbeads (Bon Air) 

It has been a long time GG, but not a day goes by where you are not missed. 

I would’ve done anything for you, if you had just shared. We had so far to go and so little time.

Salem bro’s (Pg) 

You wm rode up on bicycle We talked a little bit at store me blue truck tell me more so I know it’s you,yes people play games on here but real here hope you see this

i miss you so, so much. (woodbridge)

I know you will never read this, but i want to vent myself. I miss you like you have no idea. i miss how we feelt when we where with eachother. you were an amazing guy…honest, kind, smart, romantic. You made me feel the most beautiful woman ever, and you tried to make me feel it everyday. I loved that even though you did not have enough money, you did your best to take me on dates. I loved how you made food for me, talk, then turn off the lights, some candles on, and dance together in your room, with slow and romantic music, and then, make love. I still remember that you used to drive long distances just to meet me. You always tried to please me, even sexually….asking me “how can i improve?”. I remember you always used to tell me I was the most beautiful woman for you…and that I look like a model! I could feel you were totally in love with me, as I was with you. I am so regret to let you go. It has been around 2 years, and I still remember you everyday. I have met a couple guys, but I always end up comparing them to you. 

Last time I saw you, we met in a friendly way. As soon as I said goodbye to you…I cried like never.

Today at Aldi (Staples Mill)

I’m the guy you let cut in front of you in line today.
You – attractive, smiling brunette
Me? – you’ll tell me (and that will let me know it is you)

*also – tell me what I bought that prompted you to do likewise. 🙂 

Old man (Chesapeake) 

I miss you old man. I wish you could have seen past your pain and taken the chance to be happy. I wish you had stopped me from walking out that door. I want to stop missing you. It’s not every day you meet your missing piece.

RIC-CLT-LAS (Richmond International Airport) 

We shared a delayed flight and you invited me to follow you to your seat but I didn’t — I should have. I helped you find your connection gate, but I had a flight to catch and didn’t ask for your name and number.

Blonde at foot locker in spotsy mall (Fredericksburg) 

To the blonde lady at foot locker in the Spotsylvania mall looking at the nikes that i had a convo with, I thought you were beyond beautiful and I’d love to take you out to dinner sometime. Felt weird asking for your number because the salesman wouldn’t quit following you around. You told me you owned your own contracting company

We worked together

We worked together for a short time earlier this year, but we didn’t get to meet until you were leaving.

We met at a volunteer work event and got chatting but then you left. I was hoping we could talk some more. Please get in touch.

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