Best Of VA Missed Connections July 31 – August 6

by | Aug 6, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

It’s summertime — time to be at the pool, time to get your car washed, time to try your luck at the Missed Connections. This week’s crop is sure to hit home if you’ve ever been ghosted without warning… and haven’t we all at one point or another?

We’ve also got some car-related Missed Connections this week, with cell phone addicts at Carpool and water signs at Pep Boys. Really, you’d think the water sign would be at the Carpool… but then, astrology’s never really lived up to the hype in my experience.

We’ve also got people beating the heat and finding summertime crushes at the pool, people who are fortunate enough to be able to afford to eat at Sushi King alone (it’s strictly a special-occasion place for me, but I sure wish I could afford to go there every day for lunch), and people meeting up at Virginia Center Commons mall. Years ago, of course… nobody goes to that mall in 2019; most of the stores aren’t even occupied.

Maybe that’s where people go when they ghost.

Smoking outside of the sandwich shop (Gayton Crossings) 

You are the woman with green hair, wearing sunglasses…. You gave me a nod as I drove by at about 5:30….. Maybe?

Pretty in Pink (Lancaster Gate Drive, Midlothian) 

You were walking your little dog today and slowed your pace as you approached. Guess you saw me nearly drop my phone. I almost laughed and you smiled. That outfit blew me away. You stunned me into a Heaven mode. Can i buy you a drink, dinner or make you dinner?

Missed D from PR USA (Midlothian)

Introduced to a beautiful woman and you disappeared. Thought there might’ve been something. We’ll never know if we don’t try. I cant reach you, but you can reach me.

Nicole (Crazyland) 

I’ve never dealt with someone so hasty. After chatting nonstop, making out, sharing LOTs in common, you just bolt after a.. week. Weak? Yeah.

One day, maybe youll stop micro-analyzing every guy you meet and get real. I don’t see that happening though. See ya at the river!

-Lame guy

Lynn Evans (Richmond)

Lynn my man I need you back. I have walked far and wide. I miss you bubby. So there’s a saying “there’s a stranger in your house ” 

Sexy Sandbridge Trans Girl (Sandbridge) 

Saw you out at Little Island Beach, up near the Back Bay Fence Sunday afternoon. Sexy blonde trans girl. Taking pics out in the surf. Tanning up on the beach. You looked incredible in, and out, of that two piece bikini. Love to see you again, on the beach, or not!

Where are you, Kimberly? (Richmond)

You once said: “I’m here but most men are full of drama………….”

Email me if still looking

Sierra at Tazza (Richmond)

You were my server Tues 7/30 night at about 6:30/ 7pm, I sat at a bar top facing away from the bar. Your name is Sierra and you are amazing and I cant stop thinking about you!

Girl in blue dress (Fredericksburg)

You were coming into the bank today. I was walking down the stairs. You had on a blue dress and an absolutely gorgeous smile!!!! Wow!!!! I really really really hope I get to see it again soon. If you happen to see this and want to set up a time to show it to me I would love that. Or at least come visit again

Cute guy Sushi King South side (South side) 

Super cute attractive guy sat Alone eating sushi next table over from me. You had tattoos light grey t-shirt and a beard. I keep looking over at you and wanted to invite you over to eat with me and my friend, regret not asking. When you left we made eye contact and smiled at each other. Love to learn more about you! Christine

Sr. Gentleman (South Stafford) 

Met U at Wawa as we were both getting coffee. U started some conversation w/ me. My gay-dar picked up that we could be a good match. We had some more conversation and I gave U a card w/ my email address. I’m still hoping to hear from U..

Capital Ale House- Main St (7/29) F for M (Richmond)

We locked eyes briefly as I walked in towards the back & went downstairs. I think it was around 645pm?

You were dressed in a white button up with a tie (blue & yellow I think) sitting in a booth across from two other guys. 

You’re really handsome & have beautiful blue eyes. 

Wish I had gotten a chance to talk to you. 

If you see this, email me & tell me what I was wearing or what I look like. 🙂 

ybm at carpool (Mechanicsville) 

You were at carpool today around 1pm. You went outside to use your phone. I watched you as you sat on the outside bench. Contact me and let’s see what’s up.

chamberlayne years ago (Henrico)

Tall dude with dreads went by the name L we met at vcc mall years ago.. I have some of your old things! Anyone can let me know of his whereabouts or info I’m sure he’d be happy! 😉

I had a dream (Patterson/henrico) 

Seems like I still miss you. When will it end. 

Pep boys

Looking for a tall dark male I met while getting my car repaired. He was a water sign and we had a great conversation. I believe he was in his 30’s and worked for Uber part time.

The Daily Restaurant (Carrytown) 

Sat next to your table… I was eating with my friend who was a girl. You were sitting with a younger boy child, and were with another girl and maybe your Mother. You were so pretty with big brown eyes and brown hair. I wanted to talk to you. Hope you see this.

Hot girl working at Deep Run Roadhouse

You were wearing eyeliner, shorts that were just right. You’re very attractive. It’d be cool to go out with you one day.

Lowe’s at Lombardy (Richmond)

Saw you at Lowe’s yesterday around lunchtime, didn’t get a chance to talk but would love to connect. You’re a nice looking guy, dark hair, well dressed, ball cap. It might be a long shot but if you see this please respond. 

7-11 on Cary St (Richmond) 

I didn’t get your name but I helped you out with gas at 4am on Saturday. You were driving a Lexus Rx. Maybe I can take you out some time. 

Tiffany in Petersburg (Petersburg)

The last time I saw you was at the motel at 95 & Reams. I was driving a Chevy Trailblazer and I used to drive a big white Ford truck. Please respond if you still around. 

Hardy wood west creek (Richmond)

Handsome white male that will be at hardywood west creek for happy hour. Maybe find a pretty woman to join me for a drink at hardywood and then a drink at my place?

Beer connection (Cville) 

I was giving a beer tasting at a local store last weekend. I served you a flight. With a wink, you indicated that beer would just be a start to slaking your thirst. I’d be interested to know just what you meant.

You: Ginger bear, but graying; tall.
Me: About your age; short haircut; horned rimmed glasses. 

Raven (Richmond Southside)

Hello. We met at the pool yesterday. You said my child swam well. I immediately was drawn to your smile and warm demeanor. I’m a single father. You seemed to be a single mother. Had a great time chatting with you and I’m very curious to learn more about you. You said your name was Raven. I def have a crush : )

Birthday month (Richmond) 

Your Birthday is right around the corner. Wish we could just talk. I miss hearing your voice. We both made mistakes. Please reach out to me…let’s go walk in the park and talk.

Your job and your family keep you in the closet 

I get that. And I don’t mind being your secret. Honestly, I want you to be my secret, too.

What I mind is that you disappeared with no explanation. Years have gone by and I still wonder if I did something wrong or if it was just all you and the pressures of your daily life. You never said. You never even said you were going to stop texting and shut down all communication. You just disappeared.

I felt a real connection to you. Even though our lives are very different, it seemed like we understood each others’ tension, loneliness, need for privacy coupled with a need for companionship and deeper connection. Not to mention the physical connection. We were just getting started on that when you evaporated.

If you had just given any kind of reason for dropping me, I could get over it, no matter how personal or hurtful or shallow that reason was. But leaving me hanging is the worst. I’ll never stop questioning, wondering what I might have done differently, whether that be to avoid putting you off or to help you be more comfortable in your own skin. Did you grow to hate me? Or did you hate yourself being with me? I’ll never fucking know, so I’ll never be able to fucking drop it. 

After a while, I got really mad at you. But then I also feel sorry for you.

I just find it hard to believe that I was alone in feeling the strong connection between us, and that you’d just walk away from that without any concern for how I might feel.

I hope you have a happy birthday, when it comes around. I’ll never not think of you then. 

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