Best Of VA Missed Connections March 20 – March 26

by | Mar 26, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

The first warm weekend of the year happened only days ago, so of course the Missed Connections are heating up along with the weather. This is definitely the week for redheads, too, so if you’re a carrot top, keep an eye out — your Craigslist Prince Charming just might be looking for you.

We’ve also got a run on sweatpants this time around, which is always interesting. No one wears their best clothes to the laundromat, so if you’re getting hollered at while you’re separating your lights and darks, you must really have it going on.

But we’ve gotta tell ya — asking for two spoons when one of the only things you know about the person you’re trying to charm is that they don’t share ice cream probably won’t work out all that well. But that’s all right, just get out on the dance floor and shake your thing. If you’ve got the moves, you’re sure to find a partner in the Missed Connections this week.

Go with your gut, Virginia.

main street station dancing

YOU were the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Your date looked to be at least 75 years older than you though. But could dance like a boss. You kept up well. Interesting combo- it had me jealous. He’s my hero! I would have had a massive coronary if you danced with me now, much less in 50 years when I’m his age!! 🙂

My gut (Tuckahoe)

Gut says something isn’t on the up and up.

To many things don’t make sense.

Brandermill gas station

I was rushing. You were a gentleman with beautiful eyes. Smoking is bad!

Redhead from Nashville (Innsbrook)

It was great meeting you today. Good luck in your apartment hunt. I’d really like to see you again sometime when you’re all moved in.

Redhead behind wawa (Courthouse road)

I met you last year behind the wawa on Courthouse rd. I was in my car and you needed to use my phone. You are gorgeous and I was always hoping you’d reach out to me. Tell me why thou had to use my phone ave I’ll know it’s you. I really hope you see this.

Hoping for Red (Bon Air)

Miss your curly red locks, that smile and laughter and the way you cared. We had a thing as I was in the midst of a divorce. Get your ducks in a row, you said. Then you dropped me with an email and no chance to talk. Would’ve done anything for you, gone anywhere with you. Coulda been a comfortable life for you with all the affection you could stand. I still think of you every day and wonder if you do the same. Would love to share a bagel and coffee.

McDonald’s drive thru-red head (Lovingston)

Just went thru there and you are very cute! I’ve noticed you before. Next time I’m going to have to flirt harder :p

Little Mexico (VCU)

You’re a hostess there, usually wearing glasses with your hair pulled back. I see you a lot and I usually get a little tongue tied when I talk to you.

You are incredibly beautiful.

Black haired girl who works for Starbucks (Hai Y’all)

Hey, I met you that night last year when we had that huge snowstorm in late December. I was out with my roommate and her girlfriend. We talked for a while, and I got your number, but I was pretty drunk and I think I put it in my phone wrong. I know this is a shot in the dark, but it’s worth a try, I think. I’d like to see you again.

Gray sweat/yoga pants at laundromat

The most soul shocking rear end on a white girl I have ever seen. Absolute perfection and looks like the most fun anyone could ever have. Couldn’t see your face but you look like the girl who works at the market right beside. Never expect you to see or respond but wow.

chemistry (vcu)

I saw you checking me out today, I’d love for you to see what’s in these sweatpants.

Yoga pants (Deep run)

I’m looking for the woman in yoga pants; I’m just letting you know I’ll be at the park Friday morning. I’m the guy in sweatpants and no underwear. Respond back if this was you….

Beautiful Lady at the NEX (Norfolk)

So, there I was minding my own business picking up a few things to stock the bar with, when… WOW! You made my heart skip a beat with just one devilish look and a little smile.

You strolled by me in the wine aisle in your yoga pants and sweatshirt, with your beautiful brunette hair gently swaying side to side. I am pretty damn sure you caught me checking you out, as you glanced over your shoulder at me and gave that devilish look and smile that I absolutely have not been able to get out of my head all weekend. Needless to say I spent the weekend kicking myself for not saying hello and chatting with you a bit.

I know that this definitely isn’t the same Craiglist as it once used to be… but here’s hoping that perhaps we can connect here. If you are that lovely lady that made my trip to the NEX so enchanting.

guy from ihop (near vcu)

you pushed up against me while trying to open the door for me and i could tell you wanted me to feel something. if this was you message me the color of shirt you were wearing or what your shorts wanted me to feel haha

Male with Genuine swag & Charm (Spotsylvania)

Still looking for that guy with charm, whose funny and sincere. I kno he’s out there, let’s relax together and see what life has in store.

Stop light at Pole Green and Shady Grove (Mechanicsville)

well.. I remember u had burnette hair and a beautiful looked to be between 25 and 30 maybe. you caught me staring at you and youn&ysmiled and waved. it was exactly 7pm on Monday the 18th. I wanted to roll my window down and speak to you but your light turned green and then you were gone. I doubt this post will find you.. but its worth a shot.🤷‍♂️

JALEN? at Kroger or people who know him (9375 Atlee Rd)

larger black guy at kroger (I’m terrible with names, so sorry) working with the food…sandwiches, pizza, fried/baked chicken etc… you checking me out or no? if you know this guy SHOW HIM THIS POST!

Hilton Ice cream spoons (Hilton North Suffolk)

It was late night we were closing down the bar and you wanted ice cream. I offered you to spoons but you said you didn’t share ice cream! I don’t know if it was a true connection or not but I figured if it was meant to be, then you would find this and maybe share your ice cream tomorrow night with me!

Afton friend that had work schedule changed (Afton – Parkway)

Have been thinking of you and miss helping you out with your daily stress of family and life. I still visit the mountain on occasion in the morning but haven’t seen you. The last time we met you enjoyed the outfit I had recently bought. Hope to reconnect and catch up.

Looking for Cristina (Richmond)

I miss the good times we use to have. Sorry things went south, some things we can’t control.

Would love to see your smiling face again.

Last I heard you were in mechanicsville.

Would love to catch up.


Ollie’s in Hampton

I came up to you Saturday 3/23 in the morning and said you were really handsome. I can’t get you out of my head. Also. I wish I wasn’t such a chicken shit and just asked for your number. I was wearing a black shirt and jeans with my coat draped over my arm. Glasses with hair pulled back in a ponytail. Describe yourself so I know it’s you 😉

Pink Tutu (Wawa FC)

You always dress so sexy and beautiful!! Today was no different!! That pink tutu looked amazing!! I see at least 2-3 times a week at the Wawa. I always smile at you!! I love your heels as well!! Thanks for making me smile in the mornings

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