Best Of VA Missed Connections May 20 – May 26

by | May 26, 2020 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

The kinksters are out and about in this week’s Missed Connections, and they’re getting downright bold. People looking to get tied up, people who want to buy poppers, people who want to hook up with a cop… all kinds of crazy desires are getting aired out here! There’s even a guy who wants to pay women to clean their houses, or so he says. Am I the only one getting serial killer vibes?

Let’s move on quickly from that to the more wholesome entries on this week’s list, like the people drooling over the hotties who used the warm weather over the weekend as an excuse to break quarantine and hit the beaches. A word to the wise: let the buns hang out all you want, but you probably should still bring your mask.

Flirting with cars next to you at lights and with people walking by your front windows is still much safer, and there’s a lot of that kind of thing going on, along with the old standby — checkout counters at the grocery store. Just goes to show, no matter what sort of disaster we’re all living through, the Missed Connections remain essential.

Exercise caution, Virginia.

Attractive Young Man will clean your place and pay

Hey there,

Are there any bossy or demanding women in RVA?

I like being bossed around and would clean your entire place for you. Floors, bathrooms, etc. I’ll also pay you to do it.

I’m ready to serve and you will be very surprised by how cute I am.

Strawberry St (Fan)

Does anyone know if the woman that works late at Strawberry St Market is single?

To the man I married

I know more than you realize. I’m just giving you enough time and rope to hang yourself. Keep up your games and posts on here and your text apps on your phone that you think I’m not aware of. I’m just watching and documenting it all so you will get nothing when I throw you out. I have no problems living on my own. You’ll be the one with no place to go.

Thong Bikini (Grandview Nature Preserve)

I don’t know who you were, with your ass-ets hanging out of that string bathing suit, but that was the most delicious thing I’ve seen at a public beach in a pretty long time. Such a bathing suit might technically be illegal in the fine state of Virginia, but I won’t tell if you won’t.

I’m honestly not looking to hook up or anything, and you did have a guy with you so I imagine you’re accounted for anyway. I just wanted to let you know that you really made my day. Please come to our beach again!

Christian Man for Woman

Good morning. I am a God fearing man looking for a new female friend. I am tall, and I have a muscular build. I think with everything going on right now is the time to draw even closer to God. It can be a great thing to find someone who shares your passion for God. If interested please send me a message telling me a little bit about yourself. Have a wonderful Memorial Day. God bless everyone. 

Guy driving a silver VW in front of me (F) at stoplight (Richmond)

I know this is a long shot, but today you were driving with a few friends and I pulled up behind you at the light. You rolled down your window and acknowledged me through your side mirror, and then your friend turned around to look at me. I smiled at you while I was next to you right before you got behind me to turn right. I don’t think you’ll ever see this, but I couldn’t think of any other way. If you think this is you, message me back with some detail like the car I was in, what road we were on, or something about my appearance.

My neighbor (Midlothian)

We see each other all the time and just today you were chilling out your window and waved at me and said something but I couldn’t hear or stop because I was walking too fast haha . I know this is a long shot but make the title “window shopper” if you think it was you.

Where can I get poppers

Does anyone know where I can get poppers other than Taboo’s?

All Tied Up (Yorktown / Newport News / Hampton)

We talked about our kinks and interests a while back. You were interested in rope and liked being tied up. You were in need of man that knew how to give you what you needed. We never got a chance to make it happen. I think we should. I hope to hear from you! If you think this might be you, please message. Would be a lot of fun to reconnect with you.

If you don’t think I’m talking about you, but you’re curious… it would be fun to hear from you, too! I’m a white male only interested in females.

Girl at the laundromat

That was a fun little exchange. You had me so riled up.

Fantasy (Ladysmith)

I have had this fantasy for years of hooking up with a cop. I’m not sure if it’s the uniform or what, but I know I can’t help but check out the bulges on all the local cops. I have a really hard time maintaining eye contact when in the presence of one. If any of them would ever like some discreet fun I’d be totally down. Don’t care about anyone’s situation and not trying to split anyone up, just trying to live out a long held fantasy.

Food lion

Saw you at food lion and my jaw dropped. I know you caught me staring. You were a gorgeous woman who had glasses and light hair. It was between brown and strawberry blonde. I hope you noticed me. I was the guy with his two kids. Tell me which food lion.

She said (Stafford)

It’s only when you’ve lost me that you’ll realize why I was worth more than the limited effort you gave. I had to protect my heart because my love for you consumed more of my mind and soul than I should ever have allowed without receiving the same in return.

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