Best Of VA Missed Connections May 27 – June 2

by | Jun 2, 2020 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

Things are a little light in the world of the Missed Connections this week, it seems. Could that be because everyone’s out on the streets speaking their mind? If so, that’s definitely not a bad thing. And thankfully, there are still more than a few of the awkward potential meet-cutes we all come to Missed Connections for — so get ready to dive in!

For example, we’ve got people drawing attention by filming insects, and hot grandmas ready to embrace their inner cougar. We’ve got awesomely obnoxious tailgaters and convenience store parking lot cruisers. And of course, in this time of COVID-19 (remember COVID-19? It’s still a threat, so keep wearing your mask), we’ve got plenty of people crushing on their delivery drivers.

But hey, if you are seriously having enough trouble finding the guy you were supposed to rent an apartment with that you have to post about him on Craigslist, you probably should just get a different roommate. Imagine having to do that every month just to pay rent.

Take it to the streets, Virginia. And remember — Black lives matter.

Cute gal on belle isle saw me film bees (Richmond)

I saw you today, watching as I was laying on the ground filming bees. I thought you were really cute, and wanted to chat, but I was on the clock and kind of surrounded by bees. So, here’s hoping.

Letting it go

It would be better if this wasn’t pushed any farther. At first I thought I could handle myself without feeling so deeply for you; more than I already did. I don’t know what it is, I completely melt around you, and it scares me because no man has that affect on me. Maybe it’s because you’re unattainable and I know I cannot have you. Maybe it’s because I see you as so perfect. I want to learn from you, I want to know you. But, I know that is not really possible anytime soon so, it’s better to just let it go now before I hurt myself in this little rendezvous.

Pizza guy (Henrico)

I ordered Christian’s and you delivered in a black car. You were wearing a white shirt. I said you look familiar and you said something that made me laugh. What was it? Maybe you can stay next time?

Hot Granny for Bodybuilder (Newport News)

Looking for the young hot Bodybuilder guy (18-25) who whistled at me and yelled “hot granny” near CNU. Got me curious about a younger guy. I’m 62 so please only age 35 and under. Tired of limp noodles. Send Age, City, Full Pix.

(I don’t reply to one word messages)

Amazon Girl(driver) (Richmond)

Guaranteed to be a long shot, but to the girl delivering for Amazon (I assume). You were in a white van. It was maybe 3-3:30ish or so. You had on green pants. And of course your face mask.You delivered to house(tell me the color so I know it’s you). I don’t know if you were looking at me or not. But I definitely was looking at you. Tell me what you saw, so I’ll know if it’s you or not.


I’ve been thinking about you the past several days since we parted. Curious if you’ve been doing the same. I’ve wondered for a long time how things might have be different if I had met you first, if you and I might have been happier together than just watching each other from afar in relationships that aren’t really working. If you feel the same way, respond with what completes the title of this post – and tell me that I’m not alone in wondering…


The people around you. They lie and spread falsehoods because you have easy access to people and opportunities they could never have. And they want you just as miserable as they are. 

You have blue car with an obnoxious number of stickers (Charlottesville)

Thanks for tailgating the guy in front of us. You were rocking out insanely hard so it might have been an accident but no one has business going that slow

Blond in mini van.staunton (Staunton)

I miss the blonde that was driving the minivan probably an hour or two ago past 7-Eleven in town you know who I was tell me what I was driving. You dropped something I’d like to return. Just so we’re clear it’s you it was dirty blond hair an electric I believe blue eyes darkened. But they were oh so beautiful..u definitely dropped something I definitely have it

I fell in love with you (Stafford)

Hey. I fell in love with you the night we were watching my team and you leaned back in my arms on the couch and fell asleep.


I looked down at you while you slept and knew I would always protect you and would never allow you to feel you were alone in the world.

Just know I will always have your back even if I open my heart to someone else. I love you.


Where in the world is Doc Taylor (Greene)

Like trying to get apt. with Waldo, can’t ever find!

Got sign up Hero’s work here!

Really, where is Doc? must have gotten stuck in a phone booth last two months putting hero cape on.

“When your time comes to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home”


You were working. I want to have the conversation. (Downtown Roanoke)

You were working downtown on Saturday when I tried to talk to you. You said you couldn’t hear me but I know you could.

I want to have the conversation I was trying to have with you when you’re off the clock. It felt like you wanted to talk about it. I understand why you couldn’t.

I want to have the conversation with someone with your perspective.

I know 95% of the stuff posted in MC is more than platonic, but this isn’t. I just want to talk to you, human being to human being.

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