Best of VA Missed Connections May 8 – May 14

by | May 14, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

Here we go with another spring edition of Missed Connections, in which we can plainly see that when the winter clothes went back into the closet, the tattoos went out on display once again. Based on this week’s crop it seems like almost everyone in Richmond has tattoos… but then again, if you’ve lived here for more than a week, you already knew that.

We’ve got a lot more for you besides tattoos this week, though. Wawa continues to be the champion meet-up spot — seriously, not a week goes by without a Wawa Missed Connection. But this month, we’ve also got a bunch of Walmart shoppers up in here; guess people are pinching their pennies so they can afford summer vacations.

Honorable mention must go to the person out there who’s trying to hit on a first responder who arrived on the scene when they wrecked their car. We support it! Just don’t think you’re gonna slide references to strippers past us by referring to the street their workplace is located on. We’ve got google over here, y’all. We see you.

Finally, a shout out to the Barbers Of Cville ultimate frisbee team — the RVA Mag staff wants you all to know that we too can appreciate some opera puns.

Keep ’em coming, Virginia.

Babes (Babes)

You were wearing a Bird of Paradise shirt (old navy little boy section you said) and I showed you my tattoo that matched. Long shot but you were adorable and I’d like to get to know you.

The connections I miss (Chesterfield)

I miss the days when I could skim through CL and find ladies looking to make new friends.

Pretty lady with chest tattoo (Walmart on Hull near 288)

I was walking into the garden section of Walmart yesterday and you were looking at plants (I think). You were very pretty and had a tattoo showing from your shirt on your chest. I just wanted to tell you that you are a hottie and you made me smile when you said hi.

The gorgeous blonde in the yellow Pathfinder (Richmond 95 South)

I was the guy doing wheelies for you and your friends a few weeks ago. I like your smile and reaction. Come riding with me sometime and we’ll grab dinner.

Lidl Market on Sunday (23228)

You were at the Staples Mill Lidl Market on Sunday, about 11am. We were both shopping the same aisle, but I didnt notice you until you walked away. You’re a good-looking guy with dark hair and tats. I hope to see you there again.

Christine dfw-ric yesterday (Richmond Airport)

You made me feel special yesterday. The few minutes with you made my day, and I was sad when it came to part ways—thank you lovely aviation underwriting lady!

Coxcomb red…

I still love you…even if your eyes are viper black…😏

Bdubs mechicsville (Mechanicsville)

Meredith, you were my server a buffalo wild wings tonight. I’m not going to hit on a woman at work but wanted you to know you’re gorgeous. You’ll probably never see this but I had to put it out into the universe.

Walgreens Plank Rd (Fredericksburg)

You probably won’t see this, but we had a brief conversation in the card isle when you needed help picking out a mother’s day card. You were a shorter girl, but I thought you were kinda cute and hoped to at least get your name!

You work on labrooke concorse (Richmond, VA)

You’re beautiful and I was so drawn to you. You probably get this a lot but I really felt something. If it’s you tell me what I was wearing.

We met somewhere around Fburg (Fredericksburg)

You were a beautiful woman over 35 with a stunning smile and we had a wonderful conversation about giving up dating men and only dating women. I’m the buxom woman with long, red hair. I’d love to take this lovely woman out….find me?

Handsome older wm cashier at Walmart on shiela ln (Richmond Virginia)

Hey i was in Walmart on shiela lane lastnight i had to return something and you were my cashier. You were a older gentleman maybe upper 40s 😊 bald wm. With a beard. As was i. But im 24…I thought you were kind of sweet and cute. I was wondering if youd like to meet up or something lol. I wanted to like say something but there was someone in line behind me. If you remember me tell me what i was returning or if you remember the tattoo I have .

You responded to my accident (Hazel run bridge)

You were the officer that responded to my accident. Not sure you will see this. I hope you do. You are a very handsome man. Would like to chat.

Staples Mill WAWA

You bought my Gatorade…. should’ve asked for your number

Beach with friends

Met you and your friends this morning while I was walking my dog I regret not talking to you more. Let me if you want to talk more. What was my dogs name?

Wicked J (Chester/Hopewell)

You are a ginger and was wearing a red shirt today. Your license plate says Wicked J. You are absolutely beautiful. Would like to get to know more about you

You brought music back into my life (newport news)

When I was down, you were there. I didn’t think I would feel comfortable enough to tell anyone about my life and demons. You sent me music to share yourself, you are my angel. Thank you for everything, I hope to see you again, “If it’s meant to be it will be”


We chatted about Beyond meat. You were wearing a Barbers of Cville jersey. You made a comment about the opera puns your team makes and I’d like to hear more.

I was too nervous to ask for your number in the middle of Wegmans but if you see this and you’re interested, message me.

Girl at iration (Norva)

You started to talk to me about my shirt. We hit it off instantly because we both were into jam bands. We talked about your upcoming shows. Hopefully I will see you at bristow. But honestly it would be nice to see you again before that day. Wondering if your single? Reply with what was on my shirt.

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