Best Of VA Missed Connections November 13 – November 19

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Welcome to another week of Missed Connections, in which we learn that the heart wants what it wants, even when that thing might not be what’s best for you. We also learn that the recent colder temperatures might just be afflicting our MC posters’ fingers, as ads are more terse than ever this week. We’re guessing lots of you are just hurrying to finish typing your posts so you can put your gloves back on. Suggestion: wait til you get where you’re going to let the world know about your missed connection. If you forget it by the time you get there, was it really worth posting about?

There’s also a lot of food talk in this week’s Missed Connections… I guess the temps are also fueling our nesting instincts, meaning we all want to cuddle up with a warm plate of delicious eats. How long before these posts become dominated by talk of “Netflix and chill” in front of the fireplace? At this rate, I give it three weeks.

And finally, of course, we’ve got some questions from a straight guy who, from the sound of it, might not be so straight after all. If any of our readers still feel like they need permission from the world to explore options beyond strictly hetero couplings, well, I’m officially giving it to you.

Let your rainbow flag fly, Virginia.

you punched me in the face in Stuart Court but I still miss you (Richmond)

title says it all.

Miss you (Richmond)

Miss you even though we never really got along and I’m sure you think about me too. BB.

Friday downtown sandwiches

The sandwiches on the second floor were better.

Marcos hull (Brandeemill)

I was disappointed you couldn’t wait on me.

I hope you will next time. When you look at me I want to eat more than pizza.

Dots Restaurant (Bellevue)

You are one Beautiful waitress

Deisy (Sandston)

You are a waitress and waited on me saturday
afternoon.You are beautiful and i would love to get know you. Let me know the name of the restaurant

Gorgeous brunette came in Huddle House round 12:30pm (Virginia Beach)

The gorgeous brunette walked in Huddle House in Landstown area of Virginia Beach. You was wearing a blue top and gray pants your clothes showed off your amazing body perfectly. But anyway I was amazed by your beauty. You walked in with this bold head guy and I don’t know if he is a Bf or a Co-Worker but if you are not seeing anyone or if you are looking for some fun outside of your relationship I would love to help you with that. I would love to meet up and have a drink and talk sometime.

The Gorgeous Mother in CHKD LANDSTOWN this morning (Virginia Beach)

To the most beautiful woman I ever seen in my life. You came into CHKD LANDSTOWN round 8am with your son to check in. I wish I could’ve talk to you and see if you are a single mother or not because I would love to ask you out. You was wearing all black and on your high heels boots you had like a gray Scarf tied around your boots. You are Incredibly sexy and I would love meet up for drinks and see we’re it can go.

Question 4 good looking Str8 guys…. (Fredericksburg)

I have a question and need advice from goodlooking Str8 straight or openminded guys. I’m a similar Goodlooking fit guy, and cannot ask my buddies.

Question – Have you ever had another dude come on to you, or offer to do stuff for you, and what did you do?

VCU Nurse? (E Franklin)

You are a thick short chick. I think you work in the building behind Penny Lane. I see you daily. You’re sexy and I want to get your number.

George Strait (Virginia Beach)

This is not really a missed a connection since we never did talk, but more of a missed opportunity. You sang “Give it Away” at karaoke last night (Saturday), and you were there with a friend. I just thought you were really hot and tried to not look obvious catching glimpses of you all night, since I wasn’t there alone, but then again, neither were you though I’m almost positive you were there with just a friend. Wish you were naked when you sang that song lol.

Krogers deli area – f4m (Richmond)

We spoke in line at the deli today around noon. You had on your work uniform. If you see this tell me where you work or if you’re on qwikmeet tell me what name you go by.

Light guy-food lion (Henrico)

Noticed you in Food lion- working on lights. You mid 40’s, dark hair, scruff, looks like plump ass.

You looked to be checking a couple guys out. What are you into?

Larry’s auto and repair (charlottesville)

Went in with my roomate his service engine light was on.i was in passenger came out to scan the car and had a sexy accent possibly russian or german? Are you single? Are you looking?Whats your name? Tell me what i had with me so i know its you.

We met at Walmart (Churchland)

We met yesterday in the makeup isle, you said I was handsome you would like to hang out sometime. I was wearing jeans a grey t-shirt and black beanie. You were wearing a black dress brown knee high boots and you had brunette hair. Lets meet tonight I am available and would love to make you dinner and have a few drinks. Please respond if you remember me.

Dog Store. Lynnhaven Mall (Virginia Beach)

Dark haired babe with the full sleeve. You’re super pretty and I would like to get to know you.

I had some great Lyft passengers. Anyone? (23227)

I met some great guys driving Saturday night. So you know who I am, Im a tall beefy hairy guy, that drives for charity. Hit me up if you know who I am.

Nice chat (Milothian)

Had a great time chatting with you yesterday on our Uber ride. Hope you had a good day and maybe we will meet again soon.

Lyft driver (Vb)

You were my lyft driver to take me back to my car. Thought we connected pretty good. I’m a male so are you. We were talking about cars and what each cars brand stood for. If you see this and wanna chill let me know what your second car is.

Halloween / Target (charlottesville)

You mouthed something to me when I walked past. It would be fun to run into each other again. Tell me what you said.

i sure miss chatting and emails with you! (richmond)

we used to chat about everything , loved our secret meetings when we did years back,, always think of you! wish you would say hello again. my first initial is R I am male you female first and last intials A. Z. would love to hear from you!

I fixed your flat (RVA)

MWM that stopped to fix your flat. You were a fine black woman that needed a pump. Is it you?

Hannah…..Chris is looking for you (Church Hill)

I am tired of seeing you at a distance and I would like to speak again. I am kicking myself for not getting digits from you when we last spoke. You know where I live and my phone number is right on my van. Call me, girl and let’s get together soon.

Looking for Star from Richmond (Richmond)

Hey star if you see this hit me back. I gave you my number this morning.

Twisted Pig, Port Norfolk, Shooting Pool, with Goatee (Port Norfolk Portsmouth)

I was watching you shoot pool most of the evening, I had to leave, so if you are interested in some relaxation, I live in Port Norfolk not far away. You are welcome to stop by, safe, clean and discreet older guy.

Chub, where have you been? (Sandy Hook)

I miss the days we used to hang out which was long ago 

My 46 birthday came and went and I couldn’t help thinking of you

It’s been too long, let’s reconnect

I’m headed out of town for the weekend but would love to start emailing again and see about finding time to get together

We work together! (Va beach)

So we work together, although we really dont say much other than saying hi and maybe complaining a little about the day, but I always catch you looking at me and vice versa so I just wondered if there was something there.

It could be this is all just a misreading but the way your face lights up every time I say hi to you.. it makes me wonder because you are gorrrrgeous.

Anyway if this reaches the intended person, tell me your name and where we work (and maybe a picture) and I’ll hit you back up!

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