Best Of VA Missed Connections November 4 – November 10

by | Nov 10, 2020 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

The election has been called but I still can’t quite shake that lingering feeling of panic near the edge of my consciousness. If you know where I’m coming from on that, maybe you too are ready for a cleansing dip in the raw escapism of this week’s Missed Connections.

Well, as if it knows what you need, this week kicks off with multiple doses of the kind of extremely wholesome and adorable crushes that we can all relate to. Cuties riding motorcycles and smiling at you at the traffic light. Lovely fellow hikers in the state park. The classic coffee-shop meet-cute as steam drifts up from your cup and your eyes meet across a crowded room. Y’all — it’s fall. There’s a chill in the air. Let’s just give in to all this and pull up some romcoms on Netflix.

Before we do that, though, we’ve got some more… intriguing examples of the form hidden later on in this week’s batch. From dudes who start realizing they swing that way when checking out mustachioed cops (did this MC time-travel from 1978?) to tarot card shoppers and even a jazz band looking for dates of a different sort, the Missed Connections still have plenty of gems of a freakier nature. And god knows, at the end of the day, that’s what we’re here for.

Let’s get down with it, Virginia.

Roastology around 3pm on Sunday 11/8 (Richmond)

I doubt you will see this but like has been said, nothing ventured, nothing gained. You are a stunningly attractive woman with long brunette hair and were dressed all in black when I saw you at Roastology on Sunday afternoon. You walked past me multiple times, we made eye contact several times and shared a smile. I would have approached you but you were with a group of people and I didn’t want to intrude on your afternoon. I’d love to have coffee with you sometime and get to know you. If you’re interested let me know. I hope you are safe and doing well.

Hiking in Pocahontas (Chesterfield)

You (female) were hiking with your family on Sunday, down towards the dam. You stopped to read the sign near where I (male) was, while they walked ahead. Did you want to say hello? I would have responded in kind. How about a redo…

Key Lime Pie (Chesterfield)

As I sit here and eat this key lime pie all I can think is how I wish you were here to share it. And it makes me sad.

Slow Traffic Smiles (Near Waynesboro)

Saturday afternoon in stopped traffic around Waynesboro / Avon / vineyards. You: motorcycle ride on a beautiful day, strikingly handsome, visor up just to give me a smile. Me: dark hair, unable to stop smiling back at you in my mirror.

Total long shot, but your confidence made me melt and wish I was on the road with you.

Female at Iron Bridge Park (Iron Bridge Park- Chester)

I was running in the park and changing beside my truck when you drove by. You stopped to take a longer look and smiled, then you left the parking lot. But when I was driving out, you pulled back in. Wanting another look?? I’m game if you want, let me know.

Local cops looking hot

With cops not shaving this month for cancer awareness they are looking hot AF! The ones with the close cut scruff, damn. I saw one around Glen Allen with ink as well. I’m a dude, never thought I was gay but I do enjoy a hot looking uniformed guy. Hit me up.

Fighting Creek Park (Powhatan)

9ish this morning. Older lady walking I couldn’t help but looking. Me the younger guy who was walking my dog. I know you saw me looking. We smiled said hi. I wish i had the balls to say what I really thought and asked for your #. I know it’s a long shot. What color was my pup?

Jogging on birdneck (Virginia beach)

Who was that handsome guy jogging down my road on Saturday morning. I said hi and I had my mouth wide open 😳 lord, left me smiling all day. 😍

Colonial Parkway Blue Acura SUV 😉 (Williamsburg)

This is a long shot but here it goes. I Pulled up next to you on the parkway today, you were just sitting in your car looking hot, I was enjoying the view. Would love to pull up next to you again, this time a little hotter… 😉 😉 Hope you see this…

Blue Haired Hatsune Miku Trans(?) Girl at Wawa on Boulevard (Richmond)

Saw you at Wawa on Boulevard around 9:50am on 11/7, you were wearing a Hatsune Miku shirt and you had long blue hair with an undercut! I complimented your look and was too shy to ask you out, but after I left I came back in to get your number but you were gone. If this is you, message me back with what my sweatshirt was or what charm you had on your keychain so I know it’s you <3

This is for Lisa (Midlothian)

So, awkward, but we work together. Not in the same office all the time but sometimes. We get along great and to be honest, I can’t tell if it’s flirting or just friendly banter? Would love to get a clue. If you’re flirting it’s obvious I am not getting the hints, or at least, not clear.

Miss you (Uva)

Babe i miss you. I need you

wawa by VCC- Beer and ice cream tattoo chick (henrico)

at the wawa off rt1 by sonic. I was inline behind you with my kid getting candy, you had beer and ice cream and a flower tattoo on arm, never got your name. If you are her and wanna connect message me.

Tarot card game? (Richmond)

Did you happen to buy one Friday?

Do you agree with this…. (The Near West End)

“Some of the most poisonous people come disguised as friends and family”

If you agree, tell me about yourself. Would be great to hear from people who know all about it. Hopefully, you have a great sense of humour as well.

You rang?

I was reaching for my phone today when it started ringing. I completely forgot about the time long ago that i was reaching for my phone and it rang. It was you. I was excited to pick up. I remember that one time you came over in a robe. Loved it.

Jazz Band for the Holidays and More! (Richmond/Ashland/Petersburg)

In spite of all that is going on we still can bring the Entertainment to you! We are a contemporary smooth jazz band with references and we are available for any type of event large or small. Send a reply we will reply with samples and rates.

From your window

Every time I step out of my room I notice you in the window watching. Are you actually looking at me, or just always in that window? I’m a male btw, and you a female. Tell me something I would know so I know you’re the right person I’m inquiring about.

Beautiful Yorktown Condo Community Brunette (Yorktown Ft. Eustis Blvd)

Gorgeous woman at end unit near the community entrance and trash area who sits with an older lady outside. I see you nearly every day and on those that I don’t, I wish that I did. This time change is going to be brutal!

The guy who tries to make eye contact while getting rid of the trash…

You looked like an angel… (Fredericksburg)

To the woman I saw in the grocery store: You looked so lonely, so bored, so unconfident, so tired of being ignored… but, I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. I tried not to look at you, but I couldn’t stop. I don’t think you saw me, but I saw you, and I hope, somehow, you’ll know I’m talking about you when you read this, and you’ll write to me.

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