Best of VA Missed Connections September 16 – September 22

by | Sep 22, 2020 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

The air has grown cool, summer has come to an end, and COVID-19’s death toll has surpassed 200,000 — perfect time to do some safely virtual flirting by way of Missed Connections. But if you are out and about, getting some fresh air and doing some skating is never a bad idea.

We’ve got some of that kind of action happening this week, as well as quite a few other not-necessarily-socially-distanced activities, like hitting up thrift stores and riding motorcycles, as well as some pandemic-era classics like receiving UPS packages, ordering pizza through drive-thru windows, and pining over people you haven’t seen in a very long time.

One note for all you MCers out there, though — if your old Dodge keeps randomly stalling out while you’re driving around, you better get to a garage and get that looked at. Eventually it’s not gonna start back up again.

Keep those wheels rolling, Virginia.

roller derby bb (Southside)

hi! we met at the skate park today and you helped me up after i fell on my butt. we said bye to each other when i was leaving, and we formally introduced ourselves…but i have an awful memory and have already forgotten your name 🙁 reply to this with what color your hair was and what you were wearing (so i know it’s you, there’s creeps on here) and maybe we can be friends and skate together sometime? <3

Oregon Hill cat Tuesday a.m.

We were talking to my cat. I found you very attractive. Stop by again some morning. M4M.

the woman who was going to ride motorcycles through Asia (Richmond)

Live out our days with an art gallery in the Caribbean. I missed you somehow, and got someone else. Such is life. I had much of it in place, but life happens. Maybe next time

UPS Del Guy (N Chesterfield)

Not even sure if there is anything there. I do get a vibe from you. Next time I see you ( several times a week ) I hope you say something about CL. you are a taller WM. “Hint sometimes i get the packages before you even get to my work.

DogFish Head (Appomattox)

Time flies…

and I can’t believe I’ve resorted to CL to write this to you, but here I am. You still cross my mind from time to time, and I always wonder if you think of me? (so cheesy I KNOW) I’m sure we’ve both grown a lot over the past few years. I miss our adventures and conversations.

If you see this, just know I have ALWAYS wished the best for you and I hope you don’t hate me. That is my biggest fear.

– Boo

Super cute blonde at hope house foundation thrift store (Norfolk Monticello Ave.)

We caught each other’s eye as we were leaving, I would love to get to know you better. You were driving a white SUV. Tell me what kind it was.

blonde at pizza drive thru (Staunton)

You took my order and I was stunned by your beautiful smile and gorgeous blue eyes. I couldn’t ask you what I really wanted. Would enjoy some time to get to know you.

Boogie Board (Va Beach)

You are a female. It was a KOA. Boogie Board. If that is not enough the you are not the one.

Driving? (Lynchburg)

You drove passed me the other day on Wards Road. I drive an old red dodge. It had stalled on me and I was attempting to get it started again. You offered to get some help for me but I declined since my car often stalls and I just needed a few minutes to crank it up again. You were a really nice guy and you looked about my age. I’m a 19 year old attractive guy. Hit me up with Dodge in the subject line of you think this was you.

WaWa (Mechanicsville, Va)

I help you with your tire at wawa in Mechanicsville…. If you see this tell me what I was Driving…

Aldi’s Tuesday evening (Stafford)

I was leaving Aldi’s and I noticed you watching me while you sat in the car. We locked eyes a few times, even nodded at you. I should’ve said hello instead… oh well, I guess that is what CL’s missed connection is for. You had red hair, tell me what I was wearing so I know it’s you?

Goodbye anthony

Hope you enjoy Florida

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