Best of RVA Missed Connections December 26 – January 1

by | Jan 1, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

So this is the new year; I don’t feel any different. And neither do the Missed Connections — they just keep rolling along for another year, giving us intriguing windows into the lives of strangers (some of whom are pretty weird).

That said, if you’re looking to reconnect with the handsome stranger who caught your eye at the convenience store last week, Missed Connections might just be the place for you. And if you like to walk your dog in your pajamas, this week might also contain a message for you. Just be careful what songs you play on New Year’s Day… (we recommend Death Cab For Cutie).

A girl, her dog, and her PJs

When I walked my bike down to the juice bar, I must admit that I had no interest in getting a drink. Anyone else could’ve spent an hour considering every article of clothing in their closet and not put together an ensemble as great as what you’d tossed on to walk your dog around the block. While the space between your coat and your jammies diverted my course, your smile led me here.

If I hadn’t been struck dumb in the moment, I would’ve asked you and your pal to get a coffee with me. Next chilly morning (meaning sometime soon), let’s do that.

Protip: (Hell, VA)

Don’t listen to Counting Crows ‘A Long December’ at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. You’re welcome.

I kept bumping into you at Target Saturday (Libbie Place)

You had on sweats and a bandanna, with a white mustache and the most captivating blue eyes. I kept crossing your path, once almost running into you, and you politely gave way to me.

I felt very attracted to you and wonder if you felt the same thing. If you did, we should probably get together some time and find out what that’s all about. I’m not necessarily looking for a sexual thing. Just connecting as friends would be amazing. 

goddess at the 7/11 (7/11 on laburnum in northside)

Friday night, late, I walked in and saw you, you started goin in on how much you loved my hair. I tried to see where you were going, can’t believe I didn’t get your name and number. Can’t stop thinking about it, would kill to see you again… I’m the tall white guy with long hair. Doubt you’ll see this, but a guy can dream can’t he? Lol.

Hope to see you again

A couple of weeks ago I was at Soap n Suds in Hampton on Mercury Blvd across from Wawa. A beautiful young lady waiting on her laundry asked to sit with me. Me being the shy (stupid) guy that I am let her leave without asking for her number I really wish I’d have gotten it…

So you will know if you are the one I’m talking about, The Price is Right was on, I asked you about your iPhone battery life cause mine kept dying and you working on something on your laptop.

The cutie that asked for strawberry wine help (Total Wine West broad)

I wish I could have helped you more… 😉 Let me know how the peach was if you happen to see this..

Happy holidays

Texas Roadhouse Saturday 12/15 (Glen Allen)

We made eye contact multiple times at the texas roadhouse near vcc Saturday during dinner. We were in separate parties but in the same seating area near the bar. Tell me something specific so I know it’s you? I can’t help but wonder what intentions those eyes had…

Wawa, Midlothian (Midlothian)

We made eye contact several times this morning at the Wawa on Midlothian Turnpike. You were wearing black pants, a light colored top, & a black coat. I was in jeans, ball cap, & black jacket. It was 9 AM. We were getting coffee at the same time…yours was 20 oz in the Holiday green cup. We made eye contact there, then again at the register. I was behind you in line (not by accident), & I started to offer to pay for your coffee but chickened out. As you turned to leave we made eye contact again & you smiled, as did I. Your Keys were on a purple-spiraled key ring on your left wrist. I saw them as you were adjusting your glasses. You were a pleasant, professional looking lady whom I’d like to get to know. I’ll be back there tomorrow at the same time. I don’t know if youlll be there on Saturday, but I’ll find out.

Top Shelf Liquor Cuttie (ABC Forest Hill)

Southern Bell that made a comment about top shelf liquor earlier today, then you held the door for me. You were rocking those jeans!

I should of asked if you were single.

If you were/are interested in grabbing a drink let me know and tell me what you were driving.


Samantha at Hardee’s in Hopewell (Hopewell)

Haven’t seen you there for awhile, so I’m guessing and hoping that you’ve moved on to better things. I do miss seeing you though. Your quick smile and lively attitude always made my morning when I’d come in for breakfast. Saw you twice with that gorgeous red hair down instead of pinned up for work….WOW! Have a great life, girl. Hope to run across you again one day.

Bon Air (Exxon)

To my Durango friend, damn you’re fine. I got a charge from your touch. You made me smile.

Tell me what we were working on so I know it’s you. 

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